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  1. Brandon W


    Hi everyone!!! I recently purchased a baby Eastern Hermnanns Tortoise from Garden State Tortoises and he is doing great. Sadly i am currently keeping him in a glass terraium but I plan on moving him to a bigger enclosure once hes bigger. I understand that tortoises dont the concept of glass and...
  2. Brandon W

    Chris Leone- Garden State Tortoise & Hermanni Haven

    Hi all! I recently bought a baby hermann's tortoise from Hermanni Chris. He is great, he answered all my questions even though most of them were silly and had a simple answer. He answers all my emails within 10 minutes of sending them. He really knows and loves his tortoises and wants to see...
  3. Brandon W

    Hermann vs. Russian

    Hello all!! I am new here so hopefully you will be able to assist me in my tortoise journey!! I have done a lot of research on the Russian tortoise and have found a lot of information on them. I would also like to look into the Hermann Tortoise but I can not seem to find enough information where...