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  1. cakberlin

    Is this considered as swollen neck?

    Hi everyone, This morning I noticed something strange on my baby sulcata's neck. At first I thought that it was something from the substrate but when I tried to clean it up, it feels like it is a swollen neck (marked with red colored circle and there are two of them located side by side). Is...
  2. cakberlin

    Help! My baby sulcata is trying to hurt the other one

    Hello I have 2 sulcatas which I brought from the same pet shop in different time. The 1st one called Noshi-Noshi and the other called Moja. Noshi-Noshi has been with me for a month before I decided to buy Moja. Their size is quite same; Noshi-Noshi is having 5,2 cm length from its plastron and...