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  1. Sa Ga

    Cherryhead doesn't eat or poop

    Ugh, I just saw this. I'm so sorry Stress can cause unbelievable harm, and if your other conditions were right (temp, humidity, diet, etc.) it could have been the moving from a group of litter mates to now just the pair which again, can cause bullying. Which causes stres. Which eventually...
  2. Sa Ga

    Cherryhead doesn't eat or poop

    Likely she is being bullied. Separate them now, the sooner, the better. When she's walking around, she may very well be looking for somewhere to hide. The stress of feeling unsafe is making her not eat.
  3. Sa Ga

    My red foot constantly peeing when eating & sleeping....

    It is perfectly normal to pee and/or poo when eating. Morla pees usually (like 95% of the time) at the end of her daily meal in the eve, and once or twice throughout the day, almost always right or soon after her AM and afternoon hydration tube-feedings. She almost always poops soon after her...
  4. Sa Ga

    Jack the sulcata

    What a beautiful boy!
  5. Sa Ga

    New Baby Rads

    So cute I could cry!
  6. Sa Ga

    My First Tortoise Table (Detailed Build & Showcase!)

    Absolutely gorgeous! Wow!!!
  7. Sa Ga

    D3 supplement drops--to use or not to use?

    Thank u, @Kapidolo Farms ! I am talking about a Testudo (Russian) tortie. What have you seen w/ Testudos and ingested D3? Just not as effective or actual harm?
  8. Sa Ga

    D3 supplement drops--to use or not to use?

    Thanks so much, @Tom ! Very much appreciated! I won't risk it then. I'll also have to order some MinerAll. How often and how much do u give? And my calcium supplement has D3, so it's still ok to use both my calcium w/ D3 and the D3 MinerAll?
  9. Sa Ga

    D3 supplement drops--to use or not to use?

    I live in MN where sunlight/being outdoors is available about 3 weeks a year....(Well ok, more like 3.5....) I saw D3 supplement drops for babies (human), and I was wondering if that might be helpful? Also, I think @Tom , you had mentioned some mineral supplement you use. What is it and where...
  10. Sa Ga

    Things you wish you knew before getting a tortoise

    Totally! NEVER thought I would be able to tell one type of leafy green from another, let alone diffr kales!
  11. Sa Ga

    Galapagos Impersonation

    He's your grandtortie!
  12. Sa Ga

    At Walmart pet section

    It has wheat and oats in it. I was told grains should not be fed to torts.
  13. Sa Ga

    Any guinea pig fans here?

    Darn autocorrect. Chino not chinook.
  14. Sa Ga

    Morla's carrier cooler

    I put a little low basket in there upside down, under which I put a mini hand warmer if it's cold out (the basket keeps it from touching Morla then).
  15. Sa Ga

    Morla's carrier cooler

    It's really nice bc it also has two side pockets (where I put extra puppy pee pads and paper towels/hand wipes) and that smaller front pocket (my credit card for the vet! 😜)
  16. Sa Ga

    Morla's carrier cooler

    I can't remember which thread asked me to post pics of her cooler bag I use for transporting Morla, my Russian tort. If someone will remind me, I'll happily post these pics there too so those asking will see it for sure! I put a typical 16.9 oz (0.5 L) water bottle next to and in it so you can...
  17. Sa Ga

    Any guinea pig fans here?

    Chinook Latinos, a swanky uptown restaurant in MN, will make you a nice cooked up one (complete w/ everything but the fur on) on a bed of rice.
  18. Sa Ga

    Share the cutest pics of your tortoise you have!!!!

    Maybe you do to your tort?
  19. Sa Ga

    Live Camera in the Terrarium

    I'd be interested in a link too!
  20. Sa Ga

    Baby Sulcata Yellow Brown Pee

    Are the pinworms readily visible? I've never seen any from Morla, but maybe I just didn't look closely enough!