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  1. kalei01

    What did I find in my backyard?

  2. kalei01

    deformed or extra scutes

    need help on a sulcata tortoise I was told that the tortoises that have deformed scutes or as mine an extra scute are more susceptible to bone disease and bladder problems and failure to grow anyone have any info on this
  3. kalei01

    outdoor area for small sulcata ???

    I want to build a outdoor area for a 2 month old sulcata i live in texas so our daytime highs right now are around 60-70 with march usually around 70-80 with that being said i wanted to let him outside for the day and dont want to worry about a bird or anything else bothering him. anyone have...
  4. kalei01

    Need help with adopted tortoise

    I just adopted this Lil guy a week ago what should I feed him found tortoise food for grassland tortoises but he won't eat it so I went to store and bought the spring mix lettuce is that good for him also was told from some sites to soak him others say it's unnatural and wrong some say to dust...