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  1. liwei

    Advice on lost tortoise

    Hi, it's been a while since I've posted on this forum but recently my 4-year-old leopard tortoise escaped from his outdoor enclosure. He was last seen by a neighbor in their yard yesterday afternoon when he initially escaped but I have not been able to locate him since that appearance. My...
  2. liwei

    Concern about scute ridge

    Good evening, My leopard tortoise, Tony, is currently ~10 months old and he/she has been active and eating well. I wasn't so concerned about it when I first got Tony but now that he/she's getting bigger I'm starting to get worried about the scutes lining his/her spine. The rest of Tony's shell...
  3. liwei

    An estimation on my tortoises age?

    I have an awesome leopard tortoise named Tony that I got from Tortoise Town (Yeah I realized that I should've gotten a tortoise from a breeder instead, but now I know to only buy from reputable breeders from now on) and when I bought him/her they said that Tony was well started (around 6 months...
  4. liwei

    Edible Tree Leaves for Leopard Tortoise?

    Hello i wanted to ask if any of you guys heard of or had experience with the tree Toona Sinensis. I have multiple in my backyard and my family uses the leaves in many of our dishes (I'm Chinese). I know it's edible ( for humans at least) and i'm wondering if any of you guys had experience...
  5. liwei

    Help maintaining humidity

    Hi I'm fairly new to this forum but I really need advice on how to maintain humidity in this wooden enclosure I have. My dad made this enclosure out of an old book case and I'm having a really hard time maintaining a humidity higher than 50%. I've tried adding more coco coir to make the...