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  1. 123Sulcata_

    Sulcata yellow bumps!

    My two Sulcatas has yellow bumps and can’t seem to close their mouths. How do I stop this?
  2. 123Sulcata_

    How old is my tortoise?

    One tortoise is 60 grams and another is 80 grams. Will send pictures later.
  3. 123Sulcata_

    My tortoises are sleeping together

    I was seeing posts that Sulcata tortoises like to be alone so why are my tortoises sleeping together?
  4. 123Sulcata_

    Should I wipe my tortoises with a cloth until dry after soaking?

    I have two Sulcata tortoises and I’ve been wiping my tortoises after soaking with a cloth ‘til it’s dry, but I was wondering if I was supposed to do that or not so I decided to ask.
  5. 123Sulcata_

    How long should my Sulcata tortoises get free roam time?

    I just got some Sulcata tortoises a few months ago and I was wondering about how much free time I should give my tortoises?