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  1. Zoeclare

    Dry head

    I don't know if I'm making something out of nothing here but to me the top of Nitros head looks dry, even when it's wet if that makes sense! I had him on coco coir for his first year and recently switched to fir bark now his bigger. I can't work out if its a bit of residual staining from the...
  2. Zoeclare

    Is this some sort of dandelion?

    Can anyone help me with this plant please! The leaves look a bit spiny
  3. Zoeclare

    Do cherry heads really stay smaller than redfoots?

    When I was researching what species of tortoise to choose I fell in love with redfoots instantly. I read that the cherry heads stay smaller with some sources even calling them "dwarf", however by scrolling back through some older threads here ive realised this may not be the case but it seems a...
  4. Zoeclare

    Cooking eggs for protein

    I was just wondering to best way to cook eggs for my redfoot, also do I just cook them like I would for a human or nuke them a bit longer? Also, is it ok to give white and yolk?
  5. Zoeclare


    This is my cherryhead Nitro his marbling seems quite extreme is this normal?
  6. Zoeclare

    Are all hibiscus edible?

    I was given a small hibiscus a couple of years ago but unfortunately I don't know the genus as my dog thinks it's a lovely game to pull up all my plant markers and use them as chew toys! Just wondered if all varieties are edible for torties
  7. Zoeclare

    New to this

    Hi new to the forum joining for red foot tips!