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    Oh, that Mary! Thanks for the laugh!!
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    RIP Grumpyface

    Thinking of you, Maggie. So very sorry.
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    TVs The Curse Of Oak Island...

    Thanks! I will.
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    New and Confused about proper tortoise care

    My desert tortoise often comes to the Arcadia door and acts like he wants to come in. We never let him, although he is really cute. I honestly think it's just part of their need that "if I can see through it, then I want to go through it."
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    TVs The Curse Of Oak Island...

    Funny, I just found it for the first time yesterday. I found it intriguing, until I found out how many seasons this show had been on. Still, I watched a few episodes, because it kept promising a finale (or so I thought). Finally turned it off, but it seemed like a fascinating subject.
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    Tortoise Sanctuary in Florida?

    If you do end up rehoming -- and I truly hope you don't -- Camp Kenan is in Florida. May be a possibility.
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    Does anyone have anger issues/prone to violence?

    Would also love to know how you are doing. I hope and pray things are working out for you. 💘
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    Bondo, James Bondo - RIP

    So sorry, Yvonne. Bless you for caring for Bondo, James Bondo!
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    About to rescue a tortoise - overwhelmed with info - all advice and suggestions welcome!

    This is the best place to get all of your questions answered. You have come to the right place. Best of luck.
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    White layer on eyes

    No, not really funny. This poster is trying to learn what's best. Let's be kind and help her.
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    Urgent! Our Sulcata is frozen. Please help!

    I'm so, so sorry.
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    Franklina has recovered!

    Thank you
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    Franklina has recovered!

    What is your ground cover? Very pretty
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    I'm so sorry for your loss. Hoping you find the right answers. :<3:

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Hoping you find the right answers. :<3:
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    How did you find TFO?

    As soon as I decided I would like to adopt a desert tortoise, I started reading everything I could about them. Google searches led me here, and I also got stuck here, and have been down this tortoise hole ever since. I always recommend this group to everyone I can who is looking for tortoise...
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    The Best Way To Raise Any Temperate Species Of Tortoise

    Sorry, but since I have your ear, one more quick question. Here close to Phoenix, with our over 100 degree weather, my DT stays in his burrow most of the day, coming out around 5 or 6 p.m. to eat and wander a little. Is this enough sunlight?