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  1. AzDesert

    Looking for female Russian tort- juvenile- 5-6"

    Hi everyone! I am looking to adopt or buy a female Russian tort. Preferably between5-6" . you can email me at [email protected] Thanks!!!
  2. AzDesert

    Sudden death :(

    I am so very sorry! It is never easy. We work so hard to do everything right and sometimes even the best of care isn't enough. Just know that it was nothing you did or didn't do.... it just happens sometimes. I lost a little redfoot recently and it broke my heart. The forum here is very caring...
  3. AzDesert

    Tortoise was mid hibernation but now seems dead

    I am very sorry to hear about your tort. I lost a lil redfoot not long ago. It is indeed devastating and no words can ease the hurt in your heart. I bought a small tortoise "statue" (only about 2" big) in its memory. Since then I have felt confident enough to try a different species. So far so...
  4. AzDesert

    Something the Vet said.....

    Thank you to everyone who responded to my post! I was just curious about the rate of those in captivity-which is what the vet was talking about. I trust my exotic vet ... they are darn good at what they do...but it did concern me and all of you who care for torts daily, year after year, I...
  5. AzDesert

    Something the Vet said.....

    Hi all! I'm sending this out to all my tort lovers and trust all of your thoughts!!!!! I was at my exotic vet clinic a few days ago for one of my tort babies (nothing major wrong w/ him) and they told me that only about 20% of hatchlings from a clutch survive past the first 3 months of life...
  6. AzDesert

    Question For Those Using Tom's Night Box

    I don't complain until we have 90+ days straight of over 100 degrees and no rain for that whole time. (typical desert summer!) Torts will come out in the mornings and evenings and we have plenty of shade, sprinklers, and the 'house' to keep em cool.
  7. AzDesert

    Question For Those Using Tom's Night Box

    Being from the metro Phx area on farm land, we have 3 adult sulcatas outside. We have a heated LARGE house for them for the nights. We go out every evening, ensure they are all inside, shut the doors, and turn on the radiant heater. Keeps temps about 80-85 in there. I keep it on until outside...
  8. AzDesert

    Leopard Tortoise Hatchling Won’t Eat

    If there is ANYONE in this country or even outside this country that knows Leopard torts, it's Tom. I have no words for the amount of experience this gentleman puts any vet clinic to shame. If I EVER had a question or concern about my 3 leopard babies, it would be only from Tom. I...
  9. AzDesert

    Please help! Our baby Russian is struggling!

    I am so very sorry! This is the part of having tortoises that just plain HURTS like HELL. I just lost a baby redfoot from the same place and had the same exact issue from day 1. I felt like I was literally sitting in your shoes while reading your storyline. I will say that ATC is still a...
  10. AzDesert


    definitely grapes! yay for you! I'm jealous.... too hot for em here...…… :)
  11. AzDesert

    Hi Tom, I just wanted to simply let you know that I greatly appreciate you and several others...

    Hi Tom, I just wanted to simply let you know that I greatly appreciate you and several others on here and value and respect your suggestions and information. I have 5 sulcatas ages 20 yrs to 9mos, 3 aldabras, and 2 radiated babies. You are a true blessing to this website and I just simply...
  12. AzDesert

    getting ready to put my tortoise outside full time

    Good luck and have fun! It really is sort of fun creating an enclosure! I have 4 large enclosures and 1 small one.... just finished them up 2 weeks ago and still tweaking them a bit here and there. (pics attached) I am still growing grass, planting more shrubs, and have to board up the...
  13. AzDesert

    getting ready to put my tortoise outside full time

    I have had sulcatas for 20+ years, and through trial and error I finally figured out a lot...but still learning. I never put my sullies outside alone until they are too big to be picked up by birds/owls, hawks etc. Unless it has a good top on the enclosure. Even in the city, it can happen...
  14. AzDesert

    New baby!

    AWESOME! Thank you!!! I'm going to do it right now!
  15. AzDesert

    New baby!

    Question: what type of humidifier would you recommend? I have the repti-fogger (used it for my aldabras when they were smaller) but just seems like it "overloads" the enclosure and is foggy- but it keeps the humidity at about 85-90%. Is that ok, or should I consider a different machine? I...
  16. AzDesert

    New baby!

    Thank you!!! :) Yes, it's so tiny and I want to make sure I keep up the great work that ATC did! I'll stay in touch with updates!!!
  17. AzDesert

    New baby!

    So excited to have my first Radiated tort! (I have sulcatas and aldabras) This little fella is such a cutie! Already best buds w/ my hubby and me! Thank you ATC for the precious baby~ I will probably contact you a lot at first with questions! Always open for any suggestions, tricks of the...
  18. AzDesert

    Thank you TFO Sponsors and Supporters!

    Thank you Josh, this forum has been an absolute God-send for me. The people on here are sooooo nice and helpful and truly a genuine group! I have/still enjoy this forum so much!
  19. AzDesert

    The Best Place for Tortoise Lovers...

    that's awesome! Yeh I have lived in AZ since 1987, but had enough of the city life (and my sulcatas were getting bigger and needed more space) so we moved out to rural country and have over an acre and LOVE it. Now the sulcatas are roaming in an enclosure 3xs the size and my 3 aldabras will...
  20. AzDesert

    The Best Place for Tortoise Lovers...

    HI! Im out in rural farmland in Buckeye. :)