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  1. J

    Weed identification help.

    This is growing in Northern New Mexico in previously disturbed dirt. It smells fresh :)
  2. J

    Pest control for indoor weeds

    Morning everyone. During the winter months I grow weeds for my tort (clover, dandelion, plantain primarily). Indoor growing presents major pest control issues. Right now I think I have a serious case of aphids and white fly. Obviously I cannot use pesticides. I am very reluctant to use Neem...
  3. J

    Just sharing :)

    It’s been a while since we were here. Just sharing some sweet pics:)
  4. J

    Third impaction from substrate

    I'm not yet sure if this is an impaction (it would be his third). However, his behavior indicates it is likely. The last two eventually passed after approx two weeks. Both were from ingesting substrate. One was a large piece of cypress mulch the other a also some kind of stick. It has been three...
  5. J

    substrate and impaction

    Morning. Some quick advise please. This morning my Greek passed three fairly large pieces of his substrate from his indoor enclosure. Thank goodness he was able to get them out. However, obviously I need to change his substrate material quickly. I have been using a blend of cypress mulch and...
  6. J

    One more :) Desert Globemallow???

    Is this Desert Globemallow (pic attached). I read that Desert torts eat it so I imagine a Greek could right? Thank you
  7. J

    Three pics to identify

    can anyone tell me what these are and if they’re ok for a Greek to eat. Three pics attached. Growing in northern New Mexico. Thx
  8. J

    Ballast for a T8 that not an expensive piece of junk

    Any suggestions? My first Zoomed fixture/ballast lasted a whopping 3 weeks and cost about $70. Can anyone suggest a less expensive setup for a T8 tube because, admittedly, it may be my sine wave inverter that’s burning them out. Thx.
  9. J

    Halogen vs incandescent for heat

    Bought a flood for heat at my local hardware store. It’s a 75w halogen flood. It’s temps are working well. But I wondered about halogen VS incandescent. Anything I should know? @Tom I think you may be able to help. Thx An aside. For those that may remember I use the sun in the window for heat...
  10. J

    Leftovers ?!

    What do y’all do with em? He needs variety - no? Since I got this tiny 12oz tort, my three dogs have been having “kibble and salad” for dinner. Leftover dandelion, escarole, bok choy, collards ... .
  11. J

    Offgrid Oogie. Using natural sunlight as a basking area in an indoor enclosure

    Morning. A few months ago I posted about keeping my Greek Tortoise in an indoor enclosure for the winter and, as I live off grid and therefore must be conscious of my power usage, using natural sunlight coming in the window as his basking area (as opposed to a heat lamp). Some folks cautioned me...
  12. J

    Prickly pear storage

    Harvested my first wild cactus - Prickly Pear. I will dethorn it but it’s rather large and will take a while to eat. How do others store them? Can they be cubed and frozen? Thanks
  13. J

    Humidity for adults.

    Morning. I see a lot of info about the high humidity needed for hatchlings. But I can’t seem to get a clear understanding about levels for adults - if a four year old is an adult that is? I live in a dry climate and may need to be adding more moisture to the substrate. I have a monitor hung down...
  14. J

    What do you think about these temps?

    The last three days I have put my 4 year old Greek outside for about 30 mins at midday for exercise and UVB. I live at 7200 ft so the sun is powerful here. Air temps have been 45. But ground temps are 65 and his carapace stays araround 72 in full sun for that time. Also, it high desert so it’s...
  15. J

    Is this prickly pear?

    Picture below. Thanks.
  16. J

    Sorry, another "possible penis" thread?!

    Sorry, new to this ambiguous sexual identity thing. I was told a few days ago he was a she. And then today, immediately after a bath (and a poop, sigh), what I'm thinking is a penis popped out....several times lol. Maybe four times, each time about an inch out and then back in. Frankly, it...
  17. J

    Rattle snakes and tortoises

    For those of you that live in rattlesnake territory. Do you worry about a rattler getting in your outdoor enclosure? I’m assuming the effect of a bite would be similar in tortoises to that in mammals? In my experience, the snakes would rather avoid than engage (at least adult snakes) and...
  18. J

    # of daylight hours, temperature and hibernation?

    Just wondering if there is any research/information/ brilliant insights on which has a greater/lesser effect on hibernation behaviours - length of daylight hours, temperatures, both?
  19. J

    Self-regulating temperature when asleep?

    Hello. My family just got a Golden Greek a few weeks ago that was in need of a home. He?? (still need to figure this out :) is about 5 years old. As we live off grid, on solar (passively solar heated and active solar for power) we have had to be creative with the enclosure heating situation. We...