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    How to control oil filled heater when it keeps on heating while it's off?

    I have a radiant oil heater hook up to a heater controller. It's set up to 80° in my leopard tortoise's night box. Controller cuts off the power to the heater when the temperature reaches 80° but they made the heater to keep on heating for a while even when it's off. So the temperature of the...
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    How to attach liner to rigid foam?

    I insulated the outdoor night box for my 10 inch leopard tortoise like this. Then I was struggling how to attach this shower pan liner to the bottom part because I'm worried my tortoise will ruin or worse, eat the rigid foam But I don't know how, I tried gluing but it didn't work. So for...
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    Looking for an adult leopard tortoise

    Hi I'm looking for an adult leopard tortoise preferably in Southern California. Let me know Thank you
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    About to be a new sri lankan star tortoise parent.

    Hi all. I'm about to be a new tortoise parent. I joined here before I get one to find out about best ways to give a best start to a young little tortoise and what to buy and from where to buy things economically.