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    Great pic ! Looks like he climbed Mt. Everest !
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    Do people think you’re weird for owning tortoise/turtles

    Life is great when you don't care what other people think. Owning a tort, I think it's funny to tell people : "It's like the dog that never barks !" 😀
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    Nice pic ! 😁🐢
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    Your food looks very colorful. Doesnt seem like too much. Could there be something in the enclosure that she could be eating instead that your unaware of ?
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    Finally a tortoise Mama!

    Congrats ! Nice looking tort ! 🐢 :)
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    New owner of THREE Red-Footed Tortoises

    Congrats on your new torts. Please be careful not to leave the box outside if it rains hard. Your little ones might be over whelmed if the box holds water. The weather is great for them down here. Have you given them names ?
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    Red foot- 3 years old, eating fruit/vegs only after they’ve dried up

    Hmm, guess we are a bit different at our house. I don't feed outside. It brings bugs and critters. I feed at dinner time, evenings. He gobbles up his food & then spends over night inside. Goes back out in the am. He gets his cuttlebone and water outside.
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    The shell looks like there is a bow behind his neck !
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    Nice pics ! Red is a good name.
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    Hello from Florida—Introducing Bob, our adopted red foot

    Well usually tort owners want to show off their tort, like a proud parent. In this case yours has friends. Pictures add a view of enviorment, flooring, etc. My tort has a dog bed he enjoys... maybe your does to ?
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    Hello from Florida—Introducing Bob, our adopted red foot

    Well, I think the subject of tortoises living any sort of variation of the standard or "alternative lifestyle" would be controversial here. There are many people with good intentions & advice. Opinions differ like: Some people don't handle their tort, some do. Some people like to keep their...
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    Is there something wrong with my Red Foot?

    Sheldon is very fond of his water. I love to watch him drink. That whole head dunk is just too funny ! He loves when I spray him with the water bottle also. 🐢❤️💦
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    Nice beagles ! 🐶
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    I think I can see his tonsils ! Good view. nice pic 😜
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    Why isn't my red foots stays regularly with pooping?

    My Sheldon, a cherryhead redfoot poops very 2-3 days. I use fruit as a topper on his spring mix almost every day. I am sure every tort is different like people. Plus maybe the poo is getting eaten before you have a chance to see it.
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    Please tell me this is NOT a penis

    Yeah, Tom described it well - When Sheldon shows it off, it is twice as long as his back legs. :oops: Looks like he's dragging his 5th leg !!! 🐢🦿 ( that's a good example. I refuse to post any pics ! , but they do exist ! ) 😂
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    Tortoise Sanctuary in Florida?

    I feel totally qualified to reply to this thread !!! LOL ! I lived with a HOA about 25 yrs ago. I had rabbits in cages living on my patio. A letter came saying that I couldn't keep animals on the patio/property. Looking into the HOA books & there was 2 of them - said that I could not have...
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    moving outdoors

    I do the same thing with Sheldon, it has been a few years for him now. He goes out about 6 am & he comes in at dinner time. I also feed inside to avoid insects attracted to his fruit.