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  1. TKL

    BEHR Enamel Semi Gloss Paint Safe?

    The alkyd enamel is in simple terms a hybrid oil/ water based paint, its supposed to give the feel of an oil based but with the convenience of soap and water clean up. The Marquee is acrylic based. It has less of a smell than the alkyd but is thicker.
  2. TKL

    Indoor female leopard room

    Wow! That's great for an indoor space.
  3. TKL

    Indoor female leopard room

    Very cool. What's the square footage of the whole enclosure?
  4. TKL

    Up to No Good

    Went to check up on Bacardi and found him like this...That green pot was up against the front wall of his enclosure this morning. Don't know where he thought he was going up there lol. P.S ignore my thumb in the frame :p
  5. TKL

    Show us your Leopards!

  6. TKL

    2 Years Old!

    Just a few pics of my now 2 year old male leopard Bacardi. Today after his soak he weighed in at 2116 grams and measured out at 9.5" shell length. He enjoys all the usual tort activities, eating, sleeping, pooping, and of course filling his water dish with substrate.
  7. TKL

    Happy 2nd Murphday!

    Cool, love the hat! My leo will be 2 years old this weekend too! He's nearly the exact same size and weight as yours lol
  8. TKL

    Little n not so little ones.

    Cool. I really like the patterns on Andy and Brooke.
  9. TKL

    Little n not so little ones.

    How big are your trio? My leopard is almost 2 as well.
  10. TKL

    Show us your Leopards!

    Here's Bacardi. 22 months, >9 inches and 3.8 pounds. I think its time for a bigger soaking container :p
  11. TKL

    Mold on substrate

    I've had the same experience in my closed chamber. After cleaning out all the fuzz and adding a fan, the mold stopped growing.
  12. TKL

    How big are yours?

    My male is 1.5 years old and just over 8 inches.
  13. TKL

    Ready or not, here I come!

    Wow, beautiful baby.
  14. TKL

    Update on Bacardi

    Hey everyone, just thought I'd give a quick update on my leopard Bacardi. As of today he's just over 18 moths old, just a hair over 8" in length and weighed in at 1259 grams! A big difference from the 2", 41 gram 11 week old I got him as Can't wait to see how he continues to grow!
  15. TKL

    My official p.pardalis leopard tort page

    Wow. That enclosure looks really neat. What are the dimensions of each space? In regards to the pyramiding, what I've noticed with my leopard is that up until 6 months of age he was perfectly smooth before out growing the hide i was using. Then for the next 6 months he refused to use any other...
  16. TKL

    How much does your leopard weigh and how old?

    I get them from a few different grocery stores near where I live.
  17. TKL

    How much does your leopard weigh and how old?

    usually a mix of dandelion, kale, collard greens, swiss chard, endive, and mustard greens. Occasionally supplementing with mazuri and zoo med grassland tortoise diet. Planning to start him on more grasses soon though.
  18. TKL

    How much does your leopard weigh and how old?

    Mine was hatched February 2104 and currently weighs 956 grams.