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  1. Redstrike

    Dust issues with Mulch and Coco Coir

    I think the northeast climate is the biggest issue here. I have a fully closed chamber. There are no openings. The problem is that my heat panel runs constantly to maintain the 80F temperature on the cool end and 86F on the warm, bright end. So, it would take constant buckets of water to...
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    Happy Birthday, Chris!

    Thank you!
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    Dust issues with Mulch and Coco Coir

    Hi all, I've kept redfoots (4) in the northeastern US for about 9 years. I see a lot of recommendations for cypress and hardwood mulch and coconut coir for our tortoises. I've used both and I have to say I'm concerned with the level of dust present in each. Occasionally I turn-over my mulch...
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    To UVB or not to UVB that is the question (Redfoots)

    It's unfortunate you missed the last two sentences of my post. Let me re-state it here: "This is nothing against the original poster, it's just we've gone around this argument before countless times and I'm floored at the arguments against UVB exposure." I'm not referring to you as illogical...
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    To UVB or not to UVB that is the question (Redfoots)

    The sun emits Ultra Violet wave lengths. Most animals utilize this wavelength to synthesize Vitamin D3 which is also an important calcium binder. I see no reason to exclude redfoots, or any animal, from ultra violet wavelengths and deny them the bio-chemistry required to survive and acquire...
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    Quick question (about soaking)

    Sounds like a good plan. I really love the details outlined in Mike Pingleton's book for redfoot care: I also greatly appreciate this resource in your neck of the woods (UK) for food items out of the garden...
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    My new MALE Redfoot ZIP.

    This is great! Sounds like the tortoise was aptly named for his enthusiasm to sire...
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    Quick question (about soaking)

    I soaked my tortoises every other day or two for the first year. After that, they had to figure things out on their own. If they have a ceramic-coated or plastic plant saucer that is level with the substrate, they ought to be able to figure out water intake. So long as you don't move the...
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    Setting up a Hova incubator

    This is great, thank you!
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    couple redfoot questions!

    I find a lot of diet information here, though it is not specific to Redfoots:
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    The start of Marbling, or just new growth?

    Looks like marbling on the plastron. I don't see marbling on the carapace, just looks like new growth to me. You'd see the same white "feathering" on the carapace as you've observed on the plastron if marbling was occurring there as well.
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    Humidification questions

    I soaked my redfoot hatchlings every couple days for the first year. After that, I didn't soak them. If your humidifier is the "cool mist" (ultrasonic) it may be avoiding the stream because it can lower the temperature in the area that the fog occurs. It's likely avoiding that area due to the...
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    Winterizing the YF Tortoises

    Pine-cone or not, they are great looking tortoises! A couple of my redfoots have some bumps. Nothing major but bumpy none-the-less. I suspect it was from moving; they received a lot of mazuri/zoo med for convenience and were kept in temporary enclosures where the parameters weren't as tight...
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    Winterizing the YF Tortoises

    This is great, thanks for sharing. Beautiful yellow foots!
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    Redfoots outside

    I know how you feel. I’ve been toying with the idea of picking up a male cherry head that is either strongly orange or yellow. Haven’t found one yet and I think my bank account is thankful!
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    Redfoots outside

    Here's some shots from 2012. The tortoises were still pretty fresh from the egg. Amazing to see how their colors have changed. Mandarin and Mimosa were so orange (hence the names) but now they're more red. Mandarin Coagi Rafiki Mimosa
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    Ant problem in outdoor enclosure

    If they aren’t fire ants, probably won’t bother the tortoises. Diatomaceous earth is another alternative. It lacerates their exoskeleton and they eventually dry out. Could be tricky to use outside with rain, I’m unsure if it’s efficacy in an outdoor setting.
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    Size and Weight

    Good looking tortoise. Do you feed daily, every other day, every two days? What are you feeding him/her?
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    Redfoots outside

    Some sizable branches fell off a silver maple at our house, I stuck them in the enclosure for enrichment and Rafiki is already having fun pushing them around:
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    Redfoots outside