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  1. Dankneepowpow

    New enclosure for Chevy!

    Lil’ Chevy has Almost doubled her size in the 5 months I’ve had her and I knew it was time for a new enclosure. I spent the last few weekends building and I’m super happy with the way it came out. I had a perfect spot on the side of my house that sits below a canopy of passion fruit. This way...
  2. Dankneepowpow

    Tortoise mask!

    My girlfriend made me a mask with my lil’ redfoot on it. Now everywhere I go I get to bring my tortoise with me! She even added the extra scute on there!
  3. Dankneepowpow

    Raised new growth

    Hello everyone, my redfoot hatchling is about 4 months old now and is doing great. Chevy has been eating a varied diet, gets soakings once a day, has constant+80% humidity, and is very active. The only thing that has me somewhat concerned is the new growth on her shell is slightly raised. If...
  4. Dankneepowpow

    Introducing new tortoises to each other

    Hello Forum, I am a proud owner of a thriving ~4 month old redfoot named Chevy. Chevy was off to a rough start due to some negligence from the breeder I got her from but with help from the forum Chevy has been growing and is extremely healthy. Her enclosure is set up with everything she needs...
  5. Dankneepowpow

    Hawai’i Redfoot breeder (Oahu)

    I recently bought a Redfoot hatchling from a Craigslist ad from a woman named Cara. She sold me a hatchling that was far too young, egg tooth still attached and yolk sac not absorbed. She told me the tort was 3 weeks old but that was clearly not the case. The hatchling also showed signs of being...
  6. Dankneepowpow

    Umbilical scar bleeding

    Hi everyone, I recently received a red foot hatchling from a breeder who most likely kept the hatchling too dry. He’s about three weeks now and is eating greens and is decently active. Today after his soak I noticed his umbilical scab was actually bleeding! I don’t know if I should administer...
  7. Dankneepowpow

    Redfoot hatchling umbilical scar

    Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum and this is my first post. I have a Redfoot hatchling who I was told is about 3 weeks old, still has an egg tooth and everything. I was wondering if his umbilical scar looks normal. This is my first hatchling so a lot of this is new to me. He’s so young I’m...