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  1. yay14

    Still passing gritty urates

    So my 1 year 2 months old hermann tortoise just passed some gritty urates again, at first i thought that the reason he was getting gritty urates were just becuse he was kept to dry before and that it should clear up now eventually now that the humidity is good, but now he has been kept in good...
  2. yay14

    Bladder stone

    This can't be a bladder stone right? I found two of them in the enclosure and they're pretty much rock hard accept i managed to break of the tip of this one
  3. yay14

    How much to supplemement?

    Hello everyone i was wondering how much i should be supplementing my yearling hermann tortoise with calci dust, nutrobal and miner-all when the miner-all arives The last time i went to the vet he wanted me to send pictures and ingredients of the supplements i was giving so i did and heres the...
  4. yay14

    Basking alot

    Hello everyone, i have realized that my yearling hermann has been basking alot recently like maybe 5-6 hours a day. I looked it up and was confused becuse everyone said that it could be becuse of low temps but his temps are good, ambinent 76-78 warm area 83-84, basking 90-95. But i now realized...
  5. yay14

    Sunked in scute

    So i just noticed on my yearling hermann that one of his scutes is sligtly sunked in. Is this normal?
  6. yay14


    Hello everyone i recently found out my yearling hermann was not getting enough minerals in his diet. I was giving him calci dust once a week and Nutrobal once a week. So i went ahead and ordered some miner-all to give to him and while waiting for it i was going to give a mineral suipplmement i...
  7. yay14

    Strained to poop

    Hello everyone, today when I soaked my tortoise it seemed like he was struggling a bit with pooping he got it out but it took like 10 minutes. Also he was pulling his head in when pushing. So since he had some trubles going to the batroom i have heard cucumber could help loosen things up, is...
  8. yay14

    Sanitizing water bowl

    Is sanitizing water bowls really that important becuse i just usually throw away the substrete that has gotten dragged in to the water dish and rinse the water dish under a fosset and then refill. Is this bad? i mean they drink out of puddles and ponds in nature.
  9. yay14

    Gritty urates

    Did not get any replies on other thread so i will try again haha. Hi everyone my yearling hermann tortoise has passed some gritty urates recently, It started around mid december and i made a post about and got recomendations to higher humidity soak more and spray food with water and i did all...
  10. yay14

    Gritty urates

    Hi everyone my yearling hermann tortoise has passed some gritty urates recently, It started around mid december and i made a post about and got recomendations to higher humidity soak more and spray food with water and i did all these thing there was just one problem, I had an open top enclossure...
  11. yay14

    Enough calcium for diet

    Hi everyone i have a 1 year old hermann tortoise i have been giving him calcium once a week and nutrobal once a week which has calcium, vitamins and some minerals. I now this is a good amount for when giving a lot of weeds and flowers but i have had to give him a diet with more grocery store...
  12. yay14

    Lost weight

    I am scared my One year old hermann tortoise has lost weight. Last time i weighed maybe about a month ago he weighed about 47-48 grams i measured today and he weighed 41. There could be something weird though since when i put the scale down it registers 400 grams withous anything even touching...
  13. yay14

    Tortoise ate mold?

    So i have this terracotta pot in my torts enclosure where i grow some weeds for him and it develepod some mold and today i caught him standing on his back legs with his mouth on the moldy area of the pot. I am not sure if he was eating it or licking it or whatever but is this fine? I have now...
  14. yay14

    Bladder stone?

    This is not a bladder stone right? When I found it in the enclosure it was flat and oval but I crumbled it a little. Also found a kind of round but also sort of cone shaped “rock” with similar consistency but that one completely crumbled apart but that one was very brown. Do you think either of...
  15. yay14

    Shell gives

    Hi i have a one year one month hermann tortoise and most of his carapace is hard but i noticed the bottom of it and the plastron still has some very slight give almost none though except for where the yolc sac where and at the little thin area at the bottom of the carapace where you can kind of...
  16. yay14

    Tortoise Healthy?

    Hi everybody i have a 1 year 1 month old Hermanns tortoise i just wanted to go thru and see if you think hes healthy or not. When i first got him in may 2020 when he was 5 months there were a lot of problems with my care, it was to dry, the light was poorly setup so not all the uv from the light...
  17. yay14

    Shell harden

    Hi my 1 year one month hermann tortoise shell still has some slight give to it. Is this normal or should it have hardened by now? His carpace is almost completely hard maybe some minimal give and the plastron has some give in the middle and a little on the edges.
  18. yay14

    Supstrate on neck

    Hi everyone i use bark for my tort enclosure and often see that it gets stuck on his "neck" and was wondering if thats something that i should remove when I see. I have sometimes got an a q-tip and gently removed it but is that necesery?
  19. yay14

    Thermometer under basking

    So i just got one of those digital thermometer/hygrometer probe thing and i put the probe under his basking area and i only registers about 87 fahrenheit or 31 celsius while usually when use my temp gun i get reading between 89 and 95 or 30 to 35 celsius. Am i doing something wrong becuse i am...
  20. yay14

    Expirience HID/metal halide

    Hi does anyone on this forum have any expirience with H.I.D lamps also known as metal halide?