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  1. KarenSoCal

    TFO Upgrades

    Whenever a post to TFO is made, my phone makes an alert sound. You can choose what alerts you want to get, or the number of them can drive you nuts! 😃 I don't know if kindle accepts push notifications.You would have to go into settings to find out. If this didn't make sense to you, basically...
  2. KarenSoCal

    TFO Upgrades

    @TechnoCheese Did you see we can get push notifications now? Yippee!
  3. KarenSoCal

    TFO Upgrades

    I've noticed that members' signatures are showing. If each member would create a signature stating their location, that would be problem solved.
  4. KarenSoCal

    TFO Upgrades

    I really like the update of the forum! And thank you, Josh, for all of the emojis!
  5. KarenSoCal

    TFO Upgrades

    What have been the responses from the members of the 8 legged club? Are they happy, or preparing to bomb Josh's house with millions of arachnids??
  6. KarenSoCal

    Taken/stolen star tortoise

    Have you notified all animal shelters and vets' offices in the area? Never know, it might come into play, and certainly can't do any harm. I truly hope you get your youngster back home.
  7. KarenSoCal

    TFO Upgrades

    "Notifications" sounds good to me! I don't think this is going to be a major trauma like the last time...at least I hope not!:)
  8. KarenSoCal

    Hello from Mr. Spock and his human in PA

    Really, I'm not seeing these light brown spots. To me he just looks super dry between his scutes. I'm sure you are soaking him? Right after his soak, you can drizzle a bit of coconut oil on his shell and rub it in with your fingers. Wait several minutes for it to soak in, then use a soft dry...
  9. KarenSoCal

    Buying an enclosure.

    Were you referring to an adult? I saw that you will be getting one, but a hatchling or adult? If you get a hatchling, it will need a closed chamber type of enclosure indoors. It is possible to buy those. If that applies to you, let us know and we can steer you the right direction. Be...
  10. KarenSoCal

    Hello from Mr. Spock and his human in PA

    Hello, and welcome to TFO! Cypress mulch, coco coir, and orchid (fir) bark are all popular substrates. Have you read the care sheets we have? In case you haven't, here's links to them. http://www.tortoiseforum.org/threads/beginner-mistakes.45180/...
  11. KarenSoCal

    I may be rescuing a russian in a DIRE situation

    Another heartbreaking tragedy. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the cruelty, intentional abuse, and neglect that is so rampant. Actually, I suppose I shouldn't be...every day there is another news story that someone has treated children as badly.
  12. KarenSoCal

    Possible bear problem

    Black bears, I assume? Sure hope so! :) I agree with Maro2Bear re' no food or tantalizing aromas. But bears are also playful and may roll your leopard around like a soccer ball. :( I wonder if it's even possible to build a bear proof enclosure. Seems like the time to get our resident animal...
  13. KarenSoCal

    I may be rescuing a russian in a DIRE situation

    Oh, my, Macy...this is awful! In this day and age ignorance is no longer an acceptable excuse for abuse. But add to that such a horrendous disregard for an innocent being that depends solely on its caretaker...unforgiveable! Please do keep us updated. If by some chance this person won't...
  14. KarenSoCal

    On the hunt

    Hello! Do you have your baby yet? I'm surprised no one has commented on this. You will probably find it impossible to keep in enough heat and humidity in an open topped enclosure. You will need a closed chamber habitat. Have you read these yet? Excellent reading if you haven't already...
  15. KarenSoCal

    Swollen eyes! Help!

    Hello, and welcome to TFO. You are correct in your reading...the CFL type UV bulb is the culprit. A strip type UV light is the way to go. Your baby's eyes should be fine a few days after changing the light.
  16. KarenSoCal

    Hey, Jamie! Happy Birthday!!!

    Jamie, Happy Happy Birthday! I hope it was an awesome day for you!
  17. KarenSoCal

    Hello from so cal

    Hi, and welcome! If you haven't read this yet, it will get you started with correct equipment and methods, food, housing, etc. http://www.tortoiseforum.org/threads/beginner-mistakes.45180/ https://tortoiseforum.org/threads/how-to-raise-a-healthy-sulcata-or-leopard-version-2-0.79895/ And...
  18. KarenSoCal

    Tortoise lockdown due to the cold

    It sounds snuggly to me, but I'm curious. Why did you change your method? The sunroom was tort tested and approved...just doing a clinical study? ;):tort:
  19. KarenSoCal

    Looking to give a Sulcata or any other tortoise a home.

    Sent you an email.