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  1. Markw84

    What type/brand of uvb light bulb should I get?

    A lot of issues to wade through to answer your question. I know if's frustrating, but the best answer depends upon how you plan on keeping your tortoise. In Texas, you have plenty of sun through most of the year that will provide all the UVB your tortoise needs if you have an outdoor...
  2. Markw84

    TFO Upgrades

    They are dated. ON my computer on the top far left in the black bar. On my iphone same place but no black bar.
  3. Markw84

    Tort ID Question

    That is a Russian tortoise, Jamie. From that one picture, it does look to be in really good shape!
  4. Markw84

    Red looking blood vessel please help read!

    Something is very wrong with that tortoise. Notice all the various patches of skin/scales on the legs that has fallen off. Can you please describe in detail the enclosure and how it is kept. Temperatures, humdity, substrate, open or closed, etc.? Is it being kept with other tortoises?
  5. Markw84

    Concerning poop

    That poop does not look normal to me. The mucous look would cause me to take a fecal sample to the vet as it is a very common sign of a high flagellate or protozoan load. But reading your accounting leads me to another probably cause: Sulcatas do not and can not hibernate. They certainly...
  6. Markw84

    Vitamin D and UVB question

    There are two types of vitamin D. D2 and D3. D2 is the type of vitamin D found in plants. D3 is the vitamin D found in animals. Both are manufactured with sun exposure by the plant or animal. Both types are used as food supplements or in vitamin pills. D2 is also readily avialable in its...
  7. Markw84

    TFO Upgrades

    Glass 1/2 full! Glass 1/2 Empty!
  8. Markw84

    T5 HO vsT8 florescent lamps

    That's why @Tom and I have only recommended HO T5's for some time now. The other part of the equation you have noted, is that since UV readings increase geometrically with distance, not linerally, when you use a UVB source that has to be close to get the effective level, a little movement of...
  9. Markw84

    Water Turtle Hatchling: Water Level and Substrate?

    That is my home office. I'm lucky enough to have a room devoted solely to my computer/research space. I also keep 2 aquatic turtle tanks set up there and my incubators as there is a quite stable room temperature and I can then control incubation and diapause temps quite accurately with almost...
  10. Markw84

    Was given a wild-caught baby painted turtle, what do I do?

    I use compact fluorescents on some of my aquatic tanks. Yes, the coil is a type of compact fluorescent. For a very small basking area and low height requirements in many aquatic turtle setups, they work well. I do have a Solarmeter 6.5 so always check all my setups. I have the looped compact...
  11. Markw84

    Galapagos Youngsters laid Nov 2018 and early 2019...

    I'm seeing the same thing! I had fallen into the practice of baths and feeding in the afternoon. The Burmese attack the food after the bath and the Sulcata babies will as well as they feed anytime. The Galapagos does eat some of the food after bath but seems to really finish it off first...
  12. Markw84

    Alternatives to incandescent flood lights

    I buy them from Amazon online in boxes of 12. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002CZ1E4M/?tag=exoticpetnetw-20 In California it is illegal for a store to sell incandescent bulbs of 100 watts or more for lighting. Exceptions are for brooder or heating lamps. My Lowes also still carries the 65 watt...
  13. Markw84

    Help: Incubating Manouria Emys

    Just to clarify a few things... The eggs need to be incubated at 84° - 87°. You stated you did mean 64°-67° Eggs will not start to develop at that temperature. I cannot believe pine needles would be a good nesting material at all. Very low PH that would surely affect the eggs. The nest...
  14. Markw84

    Water Turtle Hatchling: Water Level and Substrate?

    I keep more turtles than generally "recommended" in my tanks as I hatch quite a few turtles each year. I have never had a problem with tanks getting too dirty and always feed the turtles in their tank. To me the main problem I see is most people do not provide adequate filtration. You need to...
  15. Markw84

    Bigger baby tortoise can = bigger adult?

    My experience across a great number of turtle and tortoise species is that some females will lay smaller eggs, and some females can have a much smaller egg or two in a clutch of other larger eggs. Easily 1/2 the weight of "normal" average weight for the species. I have found the smaller eggs...
  16. Markw84

    Help! Suddenly own an aquatic turtle!

    @mark1 is correct. That is a Chinese stripe-necked turtle - Mauremys sinensis. The turtle looks to be in pretty good shape. The bumps or raised scutes you are referring to are actually the three lateral keels the Mauremys genus turtles all exhibit to varying degrees. Keels are lateral raised...
  17. Markw84

    Can someone identify this turtle?

    Looks a bit more like a Heosemy grandis to me. Head coloring/patterns. Nuchal shape.
  18. Markw84

    Jack @ Trinas first Sulcata Tortoise

    He looks REALLY GOOD! Great job!
  19. Markw84

    beginner's problems

    I still prefer the T5 HO. If limited in height, you can instead get a 6% or 5% UVB tube. The numbers @Tom was referring to are for a 12% T5 HO tube.
  20. Markw84

    beginner's problems

    In other parts of the world bulbs are labeled differently. The R stands for standard reflector. Same as our BR or flood light. SP is their spot light we see as PAR. The 14 is the same as all lights everywhere. IT is the diameter of the light bulb in 1/8ths of an inch. So a R14 bulb is a...