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  1. james1974

    Deer fern farms

    Would definitely not buy any tortoises from there again,I do not recommended them for a tortoise anyway,good luck,I would recommend the Arizona Tortoise Compound for tortoises!
  2. james1974

    Post Pictures of your Greeks?:D

    Re: RE: Post Pictures of your Greeks?:D I personally like the greeks but you can't go wrong with either one really,captive breed are your best bet.
  3. james1974

    Am I doing something wrong with Coconut coir?!

    Re: RE: Am I doing something wrong with Coconut coir?! It's one that puts me either over the hill or under it Tom!!!lol
  4. james1974

    Identify this guy?

    It's a Greek you can see the two spurs between the back legs and tail.
  5. james1974

    Fighting Tots!

    Build a bigger habitat with site breaks is one option.Build a bigger habitat with site breaks and add four to six female's.I use one male to four female's to a group.Their is always bumping and raming until they establish a group pecking order.Females will even ram male's and female's when they...
  6. james1974

    Mediterranean Greek Tortoise

    Come join us on Facebook!!!!;););););)
  7. james1974

    Am I doing something wrong with Coconut coir?!

    Just remember how much water you used this time and reduce it a little each time till you like it thats how I did mine now I can mix the right amount each time and it's just right but it's going to be a little messy no matter what right at first.You can also mix it a couple days ahead of time...
  8. james1974

    How to stop mold

    You could use coconut coir as well I've never seen mold with it no matter how wet it is,it has a natural ability to fight bacteria mold and odors.You can plant live plants in pots that will help with the humidity to 60-80% is recommended for box turtles.I've had mine for over ten years just...
  9. james1974

    Hibernation.... I miss my turtle!

    That's one reason why I don't hibernate any of mine,for one I like to enjoy my pets year around,two it's not necessary to hibernate any turtle or tortoise,I have a pair of eastern box turtles for over ten year's now without hibernating them once they breed and live just fine without it.I have...
  10. james1974

    What kind is this?

    Definitely a three toed..
  11. james1974

    Supply Shopping??

    I like drfostersmith.com for my supplies,if you spend fifty dollars or more than shipping is free,plus there very competitive in pricing with anyone.If you have any issues with your stuff they are awesome in fixing the problem fast service fast shipping.
  12. james1974

    Mediterranean Tortoises in winter

    Hibernating isn't necessary for the survival of your animals.I have never hibernated a animal and they all live and breed every year.I know lots of breeders hear on the forum that do not hibernate their animals including myself.It's a big topic here but I do not recommended hibernating your...
  13. james1974

    With D3 or Without?

    That's interesting bee,I never heard that before thanks for information very good to know..
  14. james1974

    Mazuri tortoise diet?

    You getting good growth rates with it?I have been raising greeks and box turtles for year's now and have never used any commercial diets before just trying to find as much information as I can on it thanks.
  15. james1974

    Mazuri tortoise diet?

    How much of this tortoise diet does everyone feed per week to their tortoise?How long have you been feeding it to them?
  16. james1974

    Buying From tortoisesuppy.com?

    I bought two last year from them and they are top notch seller's,absolutely recommended.
  17. james1974

    With D3 or Without?

    Im from Illinois as well I raise and breed greeks,I only use proven products by the pro's,Zoomed supplements and lighting for year's they are the best on the market today!
  18. james1974

    With D3 or Without?

    You can use both for indoor and without d3 outside..
  19. james1974

    With D3 or Without?

    I use both!I give extra calcium for my females and baby's daily without d3 twice a week with a light sprinkle with d3 you must be careful not to over supplement with d3 or vitamin A, since it stores it in the body and doesn't pass out the extra like other vitamins do so if use to much it can be...