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  1. tortadise

    Angulata outside?

    I have a friend that lives in the Netherlands also another in Germany. During the summer they take them out for short excerise and natural sun. However these are captive bred specimens and have a much higher tolerance for conditions in environmental changes. We acquired a small group 4 years ago...
  2. tortadise

    Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot

    Most definitely. A lot has changed.
  3. tortadise

    Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot

    They’re really cool amazons. One of my favorites out of all the ones we have.
  4. tortadise

    honduras painted wood turtle and central american ornate wood turtles

    We actually produce quite a few of these. This species we keep fully aquatic from neonate to about a year to a year and half old until we introduce substrates to them. We somewhat treat them like terrepene (box turtles) species. Feed primarily mazuri aquatic turtle diet pellets, smelt, dried...
  5. tortadise

    New property on the Imperial River

    Most excellent Greg
  6. tortadise

    Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot

    Had some baby Blue Front Amazons hatch. We pulled them about 3 weeks ago from the nest box to start hand feeding them. They grow so fast. This is a true Bolivian chaco blue front. Fantastic hook bills. Amazona Aestiva Xanthroptrix
  7. tortadise

    Cuora mccordi enclosure

    We don’t keep any Mccordi at our faculty currently. But they like to utilize the wet and dry seasons. Meaning a large volume of water should consist of at least 35-40% of the enclosure. They mostly will breed in the shallow water as well. Unless equipped with extreme humidity and high moisture...
  8. tortadise

    Almost of the most exciting and rare hatchling turtle ever!

    was sent a pic of the heosemys depressa feeding pile by an employee this morning. Couldn’t quite tell what the little guy was that emerged from the soil. After this year infertile depressa eggs from another pair. I surely almost had it. Unfortunately this pen was used by some adult elongated...
  9. tortadise

    The Blossom Thread.

    Don’t come on here much. But it’s raining so I’m kinda slow at work. Anyways. Blossom has surely blossomed. Hitting 5 years old back in April. Don’t have any values on it. But quite excellent growth, stands up now for neck scratches, and obviously loves mud pits. I’d say blossom is close to...
  10. tortadise

    Lobatse Laying Eggs

    I think this method is next. I recall getting the same description many years back when I kept Pyxis, and you mentioned your method to me. Back in 2002-2003ish. Obviously these eggs have not hatched yet, or shown any vein growth. But I must admit. I am absolutely terrible at keeping track of...
  11. tortadise

    Tortoise Identification

    Yep. Chaco indeed. Awesome species.
  12. tortadise

    Six toed Homes Hingeback

    Well that’s pretty cool. It’s highly likely for this thing to happen. I’ve seen a 2 footed on one hind leg Burmese Star.
  13. tortadise

    Lacking protein?

    Red wigglers, earth worms, even crickets. But crickets can get out. You can also use mazuri turtle diet soften it and mix in with the greens and mushrooms. Most Kinixys favor isopod as well, like snails.
  14. tortadise

    Central American Wood Turtles

    Redfoot and yellowfoot enclosures The this is where the other rhinos are kept. Smaller. These are 5’wide and 6’ deep with an 18” beach.
  15. tortadise

    Central American Wood Turtles

    Podocs are also kept In some of these. We keep the funera and manni in the big ponds. Then the pulcherima pulcherima, furrowed, rodgerbarbouri are kept in smaller ponds. Gotta find those pics now
  16. tortadise

    Central American Wood Turtles

    Got one somewhere in this phone! Lemme find it.
  17. tortadise

    Hispaniola Amazon

    Why thank you!
  18. tortadise

    Hispaniola Amazon

    Shot in the dark. But lots of avian hobbyist are also chelonian hobbyists. We’re looking for any keepers of Hispaniola Amazons (Amazona Ventralis) to do cooperative breeding loan for this rare species. Can email me through our website www.tortoisesanctuary.org
  19. tortadise

    Mata Mata Hatchling WANTED

    Have only seen 1 legitimate captive bred hatchling offered at Daytona 4 years ago. Very difficult to breed in captivity. Best you can find will be 4” farmed animals at the moment. South America has shut down export as well. So whatever you see I’d suggest buying them, as they won’t come in anymore.
  20. tortadise


    Depends on the species. Most Kinixys are active early morning and early evening. Southeast African Kinixys zombensis are most active after the morning dew and commonly seen rampaging when moisture elevates. Kinixys erosa and homeana are always active throughout the day. They are forest...