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  1. Randi

    Glass Enclosure

    I'm not exactly sure of the age of my tortoise or gender. I have had the tortoise since July of 2014. I believe it was a hatchling when I adopted it out but was very ill and malnourished. I had adopted the tortoise before it could be euthanized, due to severe shell rot and the fact that it had...
  2. Randi

    Glass Enclosure

    I am having two new tanks built for my tortoise and turtle. I will be meeting with the person that will be constructing the tanks next week, so there has been no discussion yet on the details. Both tanks would share the same welded metal stand. The turtle tank would be on the bottom and the...
  3. Randi

    Photo album

    Haven't been able to upload pictures to my Albums in a long time. Tortoise and turtle have undergone many changes and would like to update. Deleted the albums today to make new ones in hopes of being able to add media and I am still unable to add photographs. I get the same message that was...
  4. Randi

    Sulcata baby injured with labored breathing

    I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you find comfort and peace in the memories you made together. :<3::tort:
  5. Randi

    Help ASAP Please. Is my tortoise dead?

    I am so sorry for your loss. May the memories made together bring some comfort and peace to you. I wish you the best. :<3::tort: RIP.
  6. Randi

    Help ASAP Please. Is my tortoise dead?

    Oops, I was too slow while typing my response. Maybe try a few more times and see what happens. Then I'd put the tortoise back in the enclosure as it would normally be and wait for awhile. Try to remain hopeful.
  7. Randi

    Help ASAP Please. Is my tortoise dead?

    Have you tried to gently pull on a limb or two to see if it pulls it further inside? Or tapping the shell lightly to see if the tortoise retreats further inside? Of course all needs to be done gently as to not harm the tortoise but to see if there is a response of some sort.
  8. Randi

    Yvonne G Happy B-Day

    Happy Birthday to both of you! :tort::D
  9. Randi

    Help ASAP Please. Is my tortoise dead?

    I am so sorry for the situation you find yourself in. My tortoise flipped in a water dish and almost drowned. I came home from work to find it (unsure of sex) upside down in the water dish with the head submerged. The water became a black sludge from feces. My tortoise was very pale. I...
  10. Randi

    Happy Birthday, Randi!

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Haven't been on much due to so much going on but I appreciate the love. :<3::tort:
  11. Randi

    ?Liver failure (green urine)

    @deadheadvet Sorry to bother you as I'm sure you're very busy. Do you have any experience with this? Thank you.
  12. Randi

    Greetings from Canada

    Welcome from Alberta, Canada! :tort:
  13. Randi

    Came home to a dead Sulcata tortoise hatchling?????

    If there are Veterinary Universities or Colleges near you, some Veterinarians will do procedures for lower prices to teach students. I would call one and see if something could be arranged. It wouldn't hurt to explore that. I would want a necropsy done to ensure that I didn't do something...
  14. Randi

    Soaking RF with shell rot?

    I would recommend a new vet. There is no need for any testing. It's fungal, not bacterial. Shell fungus or rot, occurs when the plastron (underside) is constantly on wet substrate. The only way to prevent it from reoccurring is to ensure the top layer of substrate is dry. During treatment, I...
  15. Randi

    Soaking RF with shell rot?

    Hi. Could you please provide some pictures of your tortoise? If it is shell rot, you will need to make some changes to the enclosure. It happens when the substrate is too moist. You need the top layer of substrate to be dry. If it is shell rot, you'll need: Athlete's Foot Cream (with...
  16. Randi

    Guapo, Blackthroat Monitor.

    It was my understanding that Komodo Dragons have an incredibly potent bacteria in their mouth. They bite their prey, and stalk it while they wait for it to die of infection. Venom?! What? I'm going to have to google this. Nice looking monitor. I like how it's lazily positioned in the last picture.
  17. Randi

    Pregnant Leo gecko help

    Thank you for your reply. I should of added all options for egg laying substrate in the first post I made. My apologies. I've had a female that ate coco coir when I tried it and then a female that ate sphagnum moss when introduced into her hide. I managed to catch both in the act within the...
  18. Randi

    Pregnant Leo gecko help

    I was advised against coco coir or peat moss by several breeders and vets due to risk of impaction which is why I used moss instead with damp paper towel underneath.
  19. Randi

    Pregnant Leo gecko help

    How long have you owned this gecko? What is your set up like? What do you feed? Can you provide any pictures of the enclosure? Has your female had any contact with a male gecko? If not, these eggs will be infertile. Females can lay eggs without any contact with a male. Also, the first few...