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  1. Russian Rehab

    Broken Yoke Sac hatchling Musk Turtle

    hello all I have a hatchling musk turtle who is approaching 24 hours old. The baby was born with a large yoke sac that despite my best efforts they ruptured within about 2 hours of hatching. Below I describe what I have been doing so far PLEASE comment and let me know if their is anything...
  2. Russian Rehab

    When is a hatchling ready to leave home? how big or old?

    That’s a great tip! Thanks!
  3. Russian Rehab

    When is a hatchling ready to leave home? how big or old?

    everything you mentioned seems to be what she is doing so far accept the "flight" reaction. I tend to see her freeze when I approach then she runs as soon as I move away. is that normal? she is only 8 days old so that could be it to but she seems to be hitting all the other milestones early so I...
  4. Russian Rehab

    When is a hatchling ready to leave home? how big or old?

    How do I know my hatchling musk is strong enough to go to her forever home? I have a 1 week old Common Musk Turtle hatchling who is eating and swimming well. the yoke sack is completely gone and she is active spunky. I have a great forever home lined up for her that is only a short car ride...
  5. Russian Rehab

    Female Musk Digging Tunnels to lay eggs.

    Hello all., bellow i describe the nesting behavior i have seen from my female common musk this breeding season. I want to know if anyone else has noted similar behavior in their nesting turtles? I am particularly interested in why you think she might be doing this also. she is doing it...
  6. Russian Rehab

    Looking to get a water turtle

    Musk turtles stay small forever only 4-5 inches as adults which makes them well suited for smaller spaces. these are my two breeding adults.
  7. Russian Rehab

    Unhealthy Shell or Just Shedding?

    If you are new to turtle keeping this book is amazing! buy it used new is like $100 but i got mine for like $5 from B&N. also the shell looks good.
  8. Russian Rehab

    Need help sexing juvenile Mud turtles

    i agree looks female from the plastrome. males tend to have indented bellys so they can mount females for breeding. females have flat or rounded out so they have room for eggs.
  9. Russian Rehab

    Need help sexing blue comcentric DBT

    i agree female. have you noticed that females also tend to have convex plastrome and larger more square heads? i cant tell if i am imagining it or not .
  10. Russian Rehab

    Need help with Yellow bellied slider (at least thats my guess)

    in regards to finding a vet i would suggest you search for local Herpetology Association i know in the US almost every state has their own. if anyone can help you find a vet it would be them!
  11. Russian Rehab

    Need help with Yellow bellied slider (at least thats my guess)

    side note turtles lungs are on the top of their shell so when they are upside down the rest of their organs are pressing on them and it makes it very difficult for them to breath. keep in mind not to leave her on her back for more then a few seconds :)
  12. Russian Rehab

    Need help with Yellow bellied slider (at least thats my guess)

    lol no ! if she opens her mouth when you hold her she is trying to be "scary" and show you she could bite you if she wants. it is a common even in my own turtle who have been handled since birth. dont worry about that at all. if you see her mouth breathing when she comes up for air and you are...
  13. Russian Rehab

    My musk turtles!!

    They look female to me FYI i am starting to notice that females of the common musk breed have larger heads more square shaped almost. has anyone else ever noticed this?
  14. Russian Rehab

    Need help with Yellow bellied slider (at least thats my guess)

    Great job saving this baby! your doing a wonderful thing! My guess is female. her plastrome looks to be convex indicating that she has room to form eggs inside. males tend to have concave belly's so they can mount the females. my tips below 1. DONT USE SOAP! I dont think that is safe unless...
  15. Russian Rehab

    Musk turtles

    Yes it is you are correct! I suggested going by plastrome though because if you only have one turtle to look at its kind of difficult to judge what is a "longer" tail and what id "shorter" while convex vs. concave plastrome is pretty straight forward even if you only have one turtle to look at.
  16. Russian Rehab

    Indoor Water Turtle Setups For Breeding

    my musks have produced 20 fertile eggs this season and my set up is DIY. I use a 10 gallon tank laying on its side on top of the regular tank. I fill it halfway up with coco core and vermiculite and spagnue moss on a slant so it simulated the side of a pond. Make sure the substrate is moist...
  17. Russian Rehab

    Musk turtles

    They have to be full grown to tell about 3-4 years and around 4-5 inches. first pic is my male second is female the easiest sign is to check the bottom of the shell. Males shells will be indented so that they can mount the females during breeding. Female shells will be flat or even a little bit...
  18. Russian Rehab


    Musk turtles only ever get to be about 4 or 5 inches. here are my 2 full grown breeding adults .....also they are the CUTEST as babys 2nd pic bellow
  19. Russian Rehab

    Breeding musk turtles

    Dont forget about a good nesting box! my musks have laid 20 eggs so far this season all i use is a 10 gallon tank on its side filled 2 way with coco core and vermiculite on a slant (like the side of a pond. and i have a latter leading up out of their tank to the netting box.... make sure their...