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  1. rolley

    Shell Rot ?

    Is this a shell Rot ? These spots are on both side ? My friend shared the pictures with me this evening ? Is there anything to worry about ? The tort is not kept in very humid environment..and the temperatures ranges around 26-32°c..soakes are given twice a week..age unknown.. length 3.5 inches...
  2. rolley

    Broken shell

    we have no vets available nearby..can this tort be treated at home ?
  3. rolley

    Changing in indian star shell colour

    I just have a question about the change in shell colour, I don't know what happened but I'm noticing some general discoloration of my [emoji93]'s shell....it's summer season here and I'm soaking her twice a day...is soaking the reason ?..I don't want my tort to turn like these...is there...
  4. rolley

    Star sex identification

    Is my tort a baby boy or a baby girl...and please justify how you identified
  5. rolley

    Calcium supplement for my star

    Can I give my star this syrup...? How frequently can i add it in his diet.. The syrup contents are
  6. rolley

    Help sos (Star sneezing)

    My star is continuously sneezing..no bubbles from nose... some fluid is present....he had sneezed more than 20 times in ½hour...please help.....I have places him under heater..and monitoring his temp..... environment temp is 20°c and he was in his outdoor enclosure... humidity is above 90%
  7. rolley


    Today morning when I left my star to roam in the lawn...he saw a snail and in few seconds he reached him and ate him...is this normal ? What can be the reasons he is eating snails
  8. rolley

    Applying oils on shells and body

    I had read some threads..that they apply coconut oils on the shells and massaging them with oils...is this a good practice ? Which oil or any thing else will be good for massaging them...if it's a good practice how often should I do this ?
  9. rolley

    Star developing wound

    My star is having peeling in the front limbs..it is due to continuously rubbing of the skin to his shell...presently he is only having peeling of skin..I'm thinking that it can develop into a wound in no time...need help
  10. rolley

    Is my star healthy ?

    I found a star tortoise a month ago since then he is my pet.. According to experts in the forum he is approx 6 years old His dimensions are 16×10 cm His weight is 650 grams I wanna know is he health or not ? His weight is according to his size or not ?
  11. rolley

    Is my tortoise health ?

    I found a wild indian star a mont ago..since then he is my pet.. According to experts in the forum he is 6 yrs old His dimensions are 16×10 cms He is weighing 650 grams I wanna know is he healthy according to his age and size ?
  12. rolley

    My new star tortoise - pogo

    I found a star tortoise 3 weeks before and i faced some problems in the starting... I'm curious to know the age...is their any method to guess their age ?