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  1. rolley

    Shell Rot ?

    Is this a shell Rot ? These spots are on both side ? My friend shared the pictures with me this evening ? Is there anything to worry about ? The tort is not kept in very humid environment..and the temperatures ranges around 26-32°c..soakes are given twice a week..age unknown.. length 3.5 inches...
  2. rolley

    Broken shell

    Thank you soo much.. and I will definitely clean the wound.
  3. rolley

    Broken shell

    This ointment was given by the vet And other one is silver nitrate
  4. rolley

    Broken shell

    UPDATE- we took him to a vet and he was not an expert at all..he removed the stick as it is..it was buried 1" under the scute..and he told that it was an old wound and there is no need to worry and he asked not to clean it with anything... it was bleeding this morning when I cleaned it with...
  5. rolley

    Broken shell

    I don't know..my neighbour found it on a highway two days ago..and he was covered in mud and they didn't notice that he was injured soo badly...they had a female star and kept this one on the lawn with her....when I went there to get some hibiscus for my tort..I saw him and started clicking some...
  6. rolley

    Broken shell

    Can I use betadine instead of silver silfadiazine ?
  7. rolley

    Broken shell

    Thank you...he is sleeping now....I will clean and dress him tomorrow and will post pictures...
  8. rolley

    Broken shell

    There is a stick penetrating through the scute...should I pull it out ?
  9. rolley

    Broken shell

    we have no vets available nearby..can this tort be treated at home ?
  10. rolley

    Burrowing Ball Python

    Beautiful it is
  11. rolley

    Sri Lanken Star Tortoise

    Congrats...it's a very cute tort
  12. rolley

    Changing in indian star shell colour

    It's a she...I donno her exact age.. guessing it can be around 6-7 years...her plaston length is about 6".
  13. rolley

    Changing in indian star shell colour

    Thanks for all the [email protected] here's a pic for you
  14. rolley

    Changing in indian star shell colour

    I just have a question about the change in shell colour, I don't know what happened but I'm noticing some general discoloration of my [emoji93]'s shell....it's summer season here and I'm soaking her twice a day...is soaking the reason ?..I don't want my tort to turn like these...is there...
  15. rolley

    Tortoises worth about Rs 5 crore and Sambar deer horns worth Rs 50 lakhs were seized.

    ooja means worship....in India we have idols of tortoises in temples and tortoise in Shiva Temples has a symbolic significance to inspire the devotees in their spiritual practice. A tortoise has the ability to withdraw all its limbs and head completely within its shell. This symbolically...
  16. rolley

    Tortoise literally running non stop

    If you have belcony you can convert it to a temporary enclosure...I have seen my freind..he spreaded soil in the belcony and left the tort there...his tort is doing fine..you can try if you have belcony
  17. rolley

    My new star tortoise - pogo

    Thank you [emoji1]
  18. rolley

    A New Update on red foot types

    Why are the torts looking wet wet..and are shinning