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  1. drew54

    Check out Nyx today

    So, Nyx is 7 months old and today was a nice warm day to get outside.
  2. drew54

    I miss you guys! Check out my new baby!

    Here is my newest addition to my family! Orion, he was hatched 1/27/20. He is a panther chameleon the locale of Sambava.
  3. drew54

    Happy father's day

    Happy father's day!
  4. drew54

    Hatchling fever

    I'm getting it again! Looking at all these new hatchling pics is melting my heart! I want another hatchling! Lol unfortunately will have to wait, but until then o can live vicariously through you guys lol
  5. drew54

    First walk

    We didn't make it far lol Yes that's a tortoise leash so I don't lose her and I can control the situation at all times.
  6. drew54

    Broken photo links

    Any idea how to fix broken photo links?
  7. drew54


    It's been awhile and I know I haven't posted on here in a while but I have a new job and in prepping for grad school. Anyway, Nyx is finally a pound! 8 months and growing like crazy! I don't have new pics yet but I will. Hope everyone is doing well!
  8. drew54

    Russian Rescue

    So, I was contacted by a guy who is giving me a free aquarium. How awesome is that?!? But he also wanted to me take his daughters Russian. Long talk with this guy and I'm going to rescue this little dude. Anyway, I have to make a lot changes to his current living quarters and diet. His beak and...
  9. drew54

    Enclosure ideas

    I've been puzzled for a while on how I should do the additional 50 gallon tub to add on to her current one. I was thinking a different environment encouraging exploration and anything to give a natural rainforest feel. I think going the tropical theme would be more pleasing. My goal with this is...
  10. drew54

    Show me your best pics of your tort!

    I have seen a lot of cute pictures of peoples torts. Hatchlings peeking out windows, baskets, adults caught in the midst of eating, etc. Post your pics and tell me about your photo and why you think it is your best photo. :)
  11. drew54


    Anyone else find it disturbing that someone is getting paid lots of money for putting peanut butter and jelly in the same container?
  12. drew54

    Fun surprise for my wife and I

    So, I just realized that my wife's female Molly is pregnant. She is freaking out at the moment because we don't have an extra aquarium to separate her. So, looks like we are going shopping and waiting patiently for our little babies to come! I'm super excited! Any advice on this as it's been a...
  13. drew54

    Amazon milk frog

    Has anyone every raised a milk frog or alike? I'm looking to get a couple and the care seems fairly easy.
  14. drew54

    Pyramiding and High Humidity

    I have to say that I'm completely in awe. I honestly didn't think I would see any improvement this fast. When I got Nyx she was pyramiding. The breeder keeps his hatchlings dry in which all were pyramiding. I've had her for about 5 weeks now and she has gone through several growth spurts and her...
  15. drew54

    Hibernating tortoise?

    I keep seeing all these posts about tortoises wanting to hibernate. This is very confusing to me as I didn't think reptiles hibernated but instead brumate. Am I correct in this as hibernating is a mammalian behavior and brumation is reptilian behavior?
  16. drew54

    Conversations with your kids

    I'm washing dishes and my 3 year old runs up to me very proud, excited, and disgusted and tells me that he had pooped in the toilet and it was big and gross. Then we both get excited. Oh the joys of fatherhood!
  17. drew54

    Hatchling behavior question

    So, I've noticed that Nyx has been digging a bed area by the basking rock. I have orchid bark over coco coir which is about 6 inches deep. She doesn't burrow in it, but digs up the bark to lay in a divit in the coir. It's just deep enough so she fits comfortably in it. It reminds me of how...
  18. drew54

    dog training advice needed

    My wife's great Dane is about 5 months old and we believe he was sold to us around 4 weeks old and was told he was 9 weeks old. His behavior is very uncontrollable. He constantly mouths, jumps, bites, all the stuff puppies do, but he gets so excited it interferes with his learning. His behavior...
  19. drew54

    Tortoise and the hare

    So, i have watched the tortoise and hare races and even though they are meant for fun and everything I often wonder if the straight line course actually puts the rabbit at a disadvantage. Most of the time I'm watching the rabbits trying to see what's over the dividers instead of running the...
  20. drew54

    Incubator questions

    I understand the incubation process, but I'm confused as to what the difference is between an incubator and a closed chamber set up is?