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    Sulcata Owner now :D

    I'm going to be adopting a little sulcata. If everything goes to plan I'll be picking him up tomorrow afternoon :D. Tonight I'm going to be picking up some more substrate and some more greens. I'll keep everyone updated.
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    Anyone used Zoomed's Natural Grassland tortoise food?

    Has anyone ever used this product before? Would like some input
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    San Jose Reptile Show 11/3-11/4

    I'll be going on Sunday. Is anyone going?
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    Do you feed your Tortoise(s) Fruit?

    I would like to see some of the thoughts about this subject. Yes, I do feed my Leopard tortoise fruit maybe every two weeks but, it's not her main diet at all. Maybe a thin slice of a apple or a top to a strawberry. I do know some people that only give there tortoise(s) types of grass hay and...
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    NBHS Reptile Show Tomorrow 9/22/07

    I will be there helping my friend vendor. Marcia McGuiness at Golden Gate Gecko. Please stop by and introduce yourself. I will be there all day. It's a great show!! :) Here is the link: Hope to see you there! Jacy
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    Post Your Critters

    Lets see what everyone has. I have . . . 6.9.2 Leopard geckos various morphs 0.1 Leopard Tortoise 1.3 dogs 1.0 Tabby cat (Mitten) 0.2 Horses
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    CTTC Tortoise Show Aug 26 Carson, CA

    California Turtle and Tortoise Club Theres going to be a show in Carson, Ca for turtles and tortoises. I might go but, its is a long drive for me. Its on the 26 of Aug. Here is the site for more details.