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    What are some of your other interests??

    What else? Hmmmm I breed chameleons and bearded dragons… I am trying to get a business going with that at the start of the year actually… I like the outdoors, playing paintball, going to the sand dunes, playing PS3, hanging out with my friends, Building combat robots (battlebots)...
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    the new "what do you look like" thread

    RE: What Do you Look like??? wow... yea, I would have not guessed that you are the mom! Darn them older boys!!!! Soooo your girl in college happen to have a cell # ? HAHAHA kidding kidding! But really... Noooo just kidding :)
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    New babies coming for me!

    Awesome news! :) I wish I knew people who gave cool stuff away for free! The last thing I got for free was a broken happy meal toy :P
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    new to this site wanting info on albino sulcatas

    What is it that you want to know... 'Anything' is a rather large topic.
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    Shipping Torts?!?

    Delta dash is good if you have a large tort or something that is very expensive that you want to be (for the most part) taken well care of... UPS/DHL are what I normally ship stuff with, just depends on cost and what the buyer wants... Do the overnight early next day, or normal overnight...
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    Water features in enclosures?

    They will love a small soak pond... I burry a shallow plactic tub because I dont want to mess with other stuff then stack rocks around and in it to look like a small pong full of rocks... I also run a water line from my watering system to top it off every day.
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    Can you Identify this Tortiose?

    LoL... Oh boy... I am back and forth on this as well... That shell is such poor shape makes it hard to say. DT or sul right off the bat with 120% sure of the answer... What part of NV are you in? If you are near me I can look at it in person and tell you. Also, because you are in NV and the...
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    Joseph Hupp????

    And you can ask on the fauna BOI forum... They are REALLY good at letting you know the 411 on people...
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    question on this enclosure...

    Looks good! If the weather is ideal consider keeping them totally outside for a few days... It's a good way to charge up the torts a bit... :)
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    what are you up to today?

    Working… Today is my Thursday, tomorrow is Friday… This weekend I will be letting all of my animals enjoy the mid 80’s weather that has been very nice in the valley. Picking up about 10 chameleon cages… Driving up to the mountain to look at the place where the girlfriend...
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    How did you find TFO?

    RE: how did you find Somebody put out little tortforum cards at the NARBC show that I was at... See it on craigs list and myspace too.
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    New tort pens

    Wowwww very nice! I like that alot! I am going to do something like that this winter... My idea was good, but yours is better... Mind if I pinch a bit of ur idea?
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    New to site and to Tortoises

    Well; leme tell ya… Giant tortes are no ‘road’ pet. You might be able to get away with a small spur thigh tort; they are hardy and widely available. However a life on the road is something that I would not consider to be a good life for an animal which needs a large area to...
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    Turtle enthusiast since age 12

    Welcome to the party Julia... Speaking of... I saw some post's for the TFO too... :-p Josh much have had a bit of free time :)
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    Tort Aggression

    Well, simple and short... I gotta get up for work in about 6 hours soooo i'll leave it at that :-p
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    Tort Aggression

    The simple answer to this question is no...
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    desert tortoise seed blend

    Also, if anybody buys some let me know... I think a few of us were to split the 1/2 or 1/4 lb that would be cool... I mean heck... 1/2lb of seeds = ALOT of darn greens!
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    desert tortoise seed blend

    That looks really cool! I might have to plant that in my tort area come spring... I will add that to my fave links...
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    Possible Adoption of Desert Tort

    Sure that counts... Do you have your tort with you in your apt? What area of town are you in? I am down in henderson towards the lake. Take a look at the local DT group web site they have some fun meetings. Yea... Its like 6 hours or so?.?.? Heck though... With the price of gas these days...
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    Sure thing... They are the same type o tort.. Just in a different area. you might want to keep him inside in a cool area of your house for the winter if you are going to move during the winter... Letting him go in the yard during winter might be rather hard on the lil dude.