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    Dry tree leaves and twigs

    Does anyone else's sulcata eat dry tree leaves and twigs? I've noticed mine does, not all the time and not a lot at one time, but still, I find it weird because I didn't think they ate that kind of thing.
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    Double substrate

    I currently use just coco coir, but when I turn on Ki's humidifier it causes the coco coir to stick to him (and gets him all wet till I turn it back off)I only have it on for a few hours sometimes everyday, sometimes I skip and do every few days (I have a closed chamber)but I was wondering if...
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    Sqishy bottom shell

    Has anyone ever heard of a hatchlings bottom shell becoming kinda soft/loose and sqishy?
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    New Humidifier

    I just got a humidifier to boost the humidity in Ki's enclosure, and now he isn't really eating when in there, but when I take him outside he acts starved, any ideas on why he won't eat inside anymore? He used to eat great all the time
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    Hello everyone, I am a newbie to tortoises or any reptile/ chelonian tyoe animal, I will be getting my first one tomorrow, a sulcata baby, and before it gets here I want to make 100% certain i know the correct temperature and humidity levels. I looked it up and the most common was 80 degrees in...