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    Bruces first pics

    The white stuff round his mouth is after he munched the cuttlefish! xxx Hopefully this works and you should be seeing pics of my first tort Bruce! xxx
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    Cuttle fish addict!

    Hi everyone, Have just got a hermann tortoise and heard cuttlefish was good for his i popped one in! Bruce loves it..but perhaps a bit to much, so far he has been munching it for two hours! Does anyone know wether he can have TOO much calcium? Should i take it away from him and...
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    Hi, my name's Larrah and i have just got my first ever pet! His name is Bruce and he is a two year old Hermann tortoise and he is cute as a button :) I'm sure i'm gonna need a lot of help from this group on how to care for him and so i'm grateful for the support! xxx