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    I know everyone asks, but need help with the gender of my leos. 10 years old.
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    Another trip! I will be in Bangkok on or about the 19th of September till the 28th or so. Any members in the area?
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    Any members in Ireland?

    I was just curious if we have any members in the Dublin, Ireland area. I will be there for 4 days and was hoping to meet somebody from the forum!
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    Taking turtles to Italy?

    I am stationed in Naples, Italy. A co-worker's wife wants to bring her red eared slider and map turtle to Italy with her. Does anyone know what is involved in this process? She has had them for over 10 years and really doesn't want to be seperated for 3 or 4 years. Thanks for the help!
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    Radiated In Texas Found this. I know lots of people want radiated and these seem cheaper than I have seen elsewhere. I emailed the guy.
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    Couple quick/random questions!

    My 2 new leos were poorly taken care of. One has a pretty soft shell. Should I be giving it more calcium/D3 powder? Will they recover if I just start taking care of them correctly? How often should I use Ca/D3? How often vitamin supplement? I also have no idea what age they are. They are both...
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    New To Torts!

    I just bought 2 leopard hatchlings. I have been wanting a tortoise for years. Finally! I have been researching but still have some questions. I can't wait to learn from everybody's experiences. I currently live in southern California, but soon I am moving to Naples Italy for 3 years!