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    How many tortoises do you care for?

    I just voted too. I have three.
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    Sulcata Owner now :D

    So around 5:30ish I will be picking up my new little guy.:D
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    egg-laying shots

    Nice picture. How many eggs did she lay in total?
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    My little hermann's tort

    Ahhh, Shes so cute!! I love the last picture.
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    Sulcata Owner now :D

    Someone on another forum had him up for adoption.
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    Sulcata Owner now :D

    I'm going to be adopting a little sulcata. If everything goes to plan I'll be picking him up tomorrow afternoon :D. Tonight I'm going to be picking up some more substrate and some more greens. I'll keep everyone updated.
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    Anyone used Zoomed's Natural Grassland tortoise food?

    Has anyone ever used this product before? Would like some input
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    Want updates from those who haven't posted in awhile

    I havent posted in awhile but that will soon change :D. I've been busy with school and with my geckos. My leopard tortoises have been growing pretty fast. I also might be adopting a little sulcata. I'll post some pictures of my tortoises tomorrow.
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    Post Your Critters

    7.10.6 Leopard geckos 0.2 Leopard Tortoises 1.3 dogs 1.0 Tabby cat And all the other stray cats I feed :) 0.2 Horses 0.0.3 Fertile Duck eggs Don't know what breed yet will hatch next week.
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    hatchlings and prickly pear?

    Yeah, I would keep trying too. My leopards both LOVE it. And I buy mine at safeway for 99 cents a pad.:P
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    My New Babies Have Arrived!

    Congratz!!! Can't wait to see them!
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    Brand New baby -what a surprise

    How Cool!!! Congratz on the little one. Is there any sign of more or was it just this little guy?
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    What are some of your other interests??

    Well, I have two horses and Barrel Race. I've won well over $5,000 and about 3 saddles, buckles, tack stuff like that. I've went to the Semi- Finals in Utah and also in Reno too. I love trail riding, working cows and, next year I will be doing High school rodeo. I breed Leopard geckos. I play...
  14. L gear (old thread)

    RE: Stickers That's a GREAT idea.^^
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    tortoise identification

    He's a Sulcata. I hope you can find a good home for him. :)
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    Russian Looking for a Good Home in San Francisco

    Erin I PMed you.
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    San Jose Reptile Show 11/3-11/4

    Ahhh Cool!!! You must be excited. This will be my 2nd Leopard. Also where did you get them from?
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    San Jose Reptile Show 11/3-11/4

    Yay!!:D I got another Leopard tortoise. I got him from Reptile Depot. He had a couple different breeds of tortoises there . All of his animals look great. I will post some pictures tomorrow. He's looking to be a boy but, is still pretty small. I so excited about him!!!:P
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    pics of Hurley, Billy... Anja and Tracey!

    Sounds like you girls had fun. Was there alot of tortoises there? Crested geckos are great starter geckos. Or Leopard geckos. I breed Leopard geckos and hatched my first to geckos this year. :)
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    San Jose Reptile Show 11/3-11/4

    Well I'm really looking for another tortoise but, I will be going tomorrow and post what I got at the show. Is anyone going from