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    Help! not sure what to do!

    Hi all, I live in MN and have two adult P. Pardalis Leopards. All my breeding and hatching happens in-doors. My female laid 4 clutches last year about 33-34 days apart - her first ever. This year she has laid 2 clutches 29 days apart and today marks day 28. Two days ago she started pacing...
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    How do you do it? Please share your trade secrets

    There was a question last week about what and how to feed Leopards and it got me thinking that one of the reasons I chose Leopards as a pet was that from my research it seemed that once set up feeding was not overly difficult, or expensive. I don't know about you but convienience and expense...
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    Incubate eggs in the dark?

    A question for those of you who have hatched Leopard Tortoises - when incubating the eggs, should they be kept in the dark all the time? Does it matter if the incubator is in the same room as the torts, meaning that when the lights are on in the room, light also goes into the incubator? I...
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    Pardalis Pardalis Growth Photo Collage

    Thought I would post the growth timeline photo collage of my Pardalis Pardalis Leopards Aphrodite and Hercules (and our a new hatchling) just for fun! I pay way closer attention to these guys growth and changes than my own kids! I wish I would have layed my kids next to this rock every year -...
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    Laying Eggs Tonight! + an Introduction + a couple questions

    I've have been trying to find some time to load up some pics of my leopards. I raise Pardalis Pardalis Leopards and tonight has proved to be the perfect moment because my female, Aphrodite has just started to dig a hole for her second clutch of the year. She laid her first clutch 29 days ago...
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    New to this site, 8 years with Leopards, 1 year breeding

    Hello, I am Ben from Minnesota. I have been obsessed with my P. Pardalis Leopards ever since I got my first 8 years ago. Somehow, in all my thousands of hours online I never dug into this site and so I have missed all the great info/people here. I am glad I finally woke up! I got my...