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  1. Korall

    Hiding in the moss

  2. Korall

    New two tub enclosure finally done! Looking for feedback.

    I've made a few posts regarding this enclosure but now it's finally done! Any feedback is appreciated. It was a bit hard to get clear pictures of this enclosure but basically, it has two rooms with a tunnel between. One "cool" room (82-86F) which has two hiding spots, a water dish...
  3. Korall

    Plants for new enclosure.

    As some of you might know, I'm working on a new enclosure for my tortoise. This is what I have so far: But the enclosure is looking a bit barren (Although I haven't added all the hides and dishes yet) and I have already planted some spider plants in it. The problem with the spider...
  4. Korall

    Anyone who has experience with this substrate?

    I'm working on a new enclosure and I'm thinking about what substrate to use. I've looked through a few, namely fir bark, dirt and coconut coir. Then I found this: It's a kind of cypress mulch and I'm thinking I could perhaps mix it with regular soil...
  5. Korall

    How difficult is the care for herman's tortoises?

    I recently saw a poster in a pet shop, set up by a breeder of Herman's tortoises (Although in Swedish we call hermans tortoises "grekiska landskölpaddor" witch translates directly to greek tortoise). Although i'm obviously not going to get one any time soon (Since i have plenty of stuff to fix...
  6. Korall

    Beginning of new enclosure.

    Soooo, I'm working on a new enclosure and the basic shape is completed, I'm doing a dual room design. It's made up of 2 plastic boxes (Since they are cheap, sturdy and handle moisture very well) and the tunnel between them is just plywood. Any feedback is appreciated! My hand for...
  7. Korall

    New temps

    Sooooo... I'm going on a vacation tomorrow for about 6 days (To USA) but my basking spot lamp broke, so I got a new one. The new one is a more powerful in both the amount of visible light and heat it outputs, so before going I just wanted to check if the temps are okay (I have a bells...
  8. Korall

    Possible to determine tortoise's sex yet?

    Soooo... I was just wondering if it's possible to know the gender of my tortoise yet.
  9. Korall

    Housing multiple turtles/tortoises together.

    I am considering getting some box turtles (Or possibly some other species that hibernate and does well in colder climates) Since I would house them outside during the summer and hibernate them during the winter, I have a lot more space available for them so I was considering getting a group of...
  10. Korall

    Tortoise just wants to sleep

    So, since some time back my tortoise has been very sleepy and just wants to stay in his hide or in a corner next to it. He is still eating, although less than usual due to his inactivity. He is also still drinking and pooping during his soaks. It is noteworthy that I moved him to a new...
  11. Korall

    Outdoor tortoises in Sweden

    So, this is a continuation of the box turtles in Sweden where I asked if it would be possible to house box turtles outdoors during the summer in Sweden. But I am now moving the discussion to here, so that tortoises also can be discussed, because I had other ideas regarding the housing of...
  12. Korall

    Warm tap water for soaking

    So, this question has been lying on my back for some time. While i do know that in most cases, tap water is okay for a tortoise (Though i still use deionized water for drinking since it doesn't leave stains) Is it okay to soak your tortoise in warm water directly from the tap/show tap, because...
  13. Korall

    Could a box turtle live outside in Sweden during the summer?

    So, i'm mostly doing this for fun since i have no plans to get a box turtle (Although i might consider if it i ever consider getting another tortoise/turtle) So, after reading the care sheets for box turtles, i'm pretty sure that they could be outside during the summer in Sweden. The temps...
  14. Korall

    More cuttlebone please!

  15. Korall

    Humidity, kinixys belliana belliana

    So, I've been thinking about this for a while since I have heard many different opinions about this. What is a good humidity for a bell's hingeback? This can definitely be argued, though the majority says that around 80% is good though I have heard counter arguments to that since bells...
  16. Korall

    Is it unhealthy for a tortoise to be too dirty?

    I've recently moved my tortoise (A bells hingeback) to a new enclosure (That uses a mulch/soil mix as substrate), but what I've noticed is that my tortoise digs down whenever it sleeps, and the day after he is super dirty (Face, bottom of his shell, legs etc) My question: Is this unhealthy for...
  17. Korall

    Time to trim the beak?

    I saw that my tortoise's beak was starting to get a bit overgrown, although I'm not entirely sure. What do you think? Oh and the picture is pretty bad since I literally had to take the picture with my nose...
  18. Korall

    New new enclosure

    So, the new enclosure is complete. I am aware that it might be too small still but it's way better than my old one, both in terms of size and humidity. Any feedback or questions would be great.
  19. Korall

    Recommended UVB bulb for hinge-back?

    Sooo.. I'm working on a new terrarium for my bells hinge-back tortoise and I was thinking it was time to get a new UVB bulb, for two reasons: 1. I don't completely trust the current one I use, it has worked fine so far but I feel like I could get a better one. 2. My new terrarium is bigger and...
  20. Korall

    Hinge back's shell looks... Dry?

    So, a few days ago I noticed there was some kind of "powder" on my tortoise's shell (Although it seems like it's a part of the shell since it does not stick or come off onto anything), I just thought it was some kind of dirt so I just cleaned my tortoises' shell and it seemed like it...