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  1. Nrc470

    Marginated tortoises

    I have 2 marginated tortoises for sale. They are 2.5 years old. I am looking to sell them for 200 dollars each. Message me if interested.
  2. Nrc470

    Marginated tortoises for sale

    I have two male marginated tortoises for sale. They are both males. They are 3 years old. Contact me if interested. Will sell separate or as a pair. Can do local pickup or ship.
  3. Nrc470

    Yearling Marginated tortoises

    I have 2 3 year old marginated torts for sale they are both males asking 350 each or best offer
  4. Nrc470

    Is this a male marginated.

    Is this a male marginated
  5. Nrc470

    Fake plants for enclosures

    What are the best fake plants to put in a indoor enclosure? Where do you buy them?
  6. Nrc470

    Sex of marginated torts

    So my one marginated has a long tail and the other has a short tail. Is it safe to say one is a boy and the other is a girl. Let me know your thoughts
  7. Nrc470

    Tortoise table.

    Looking for ideas for tortoise tables. Can everyone show there tables.
  8. Nrc470

    Russian tort enclosures

    What does everyone’s Russian tort enclosures look like?
  9. Nrc470

    Outdoor tortoise pens

    Could everyone show me what there outdoor tort pens looks like. Looking for ideas.
  10. Nrc470

    Mulberry leaves

    Does anyone have mullberry leaves for sale? Let me know
  11. Nrc470

    Marginated torts

    While I was soaking my torts today my larger marginated just flashed me. So that makes determines he is a boy. I believe the other marginated I have is a girl she is much smaller. I guess we will wait and see
  12. Nrc470

    Marginated tortoise

    I have two marginated torts. They are both around a 1.5 years to two years. One is 449 grams and the other is 500 grams. When should I be able to tell the sex? What is a good weight.
  13. Nrc470

    Arcadia uvb tube

    I have a Arcadia uvb tube and reflector. How far away from the substrate should it be. Thought I read somewhere 18-22 inches.
  14. Nrc470

    Arcadia uvb tube

    How far above should my Arcadia uvb tube light be above the substrate. I think I remember someone saying 18-22 inches is that correct.
  15. Nrc470

    Arcadia Uv tube

    I just ordered a Arcadia uv tube. How far away should the light be from the substrate?
  16. Nrc470

    3d printed tortoise

    3d printed tortoise I made. Spray painted it copper
  17. Nrc470

    Uvb tubes

    What does everything think of the zoo med uvb tune and the matching fixture.
  18. Nrc470

    Greek tortoises

    Bought both my tortoises from tortoise town. I was told they are Greek. What does everything think? Have had them since they were hatchlings.
  19. Nrc470

    Indoor plastic enclosures

    What is a good plastic enclosure for Greek tortoises I was thinking about getting two 50 gallon stock tanks and putting them together. What does everyone think
  20. Nrc470

    Indoor tortoise enclosure.

    Was thinking for building my indoor tort pen. I was gonna use a piece of plywood sealed with pond seal. Than use 2x12 as the sides. Than put uvb lights. How does that sound