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    Caught in the act...

    Mine would've pooped in there...
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    Herbie the Lovetort!

    super cute welcome!
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    Christmas Tree Pine Smell...Dangerous?

    Thanks! I was worried and thinking of just getting a fake one.
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    Christmas Tree Pine Smell...Dangerous?

    I couldn't find this on any old posts... I know this is a dumb question but will the pine smell from an x-mas harm my boxie? I've never had a real tree and we're thinking of purchasing one from the local nursery later today.
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    Greetings From Los Angeles a tl:dr Introduction

    thank you :) i felt a bit weird getting a little personal. i just didn't know if people would ask about why his shell looked a little deformed and the scar on his beak, also the dryness. so i wanted to explain what he has been through.
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    Light bulb moment

    I noticed the other day that my boxie doesn't like when I pour water in. He'll relax when he's soaking but as soon as I start pouring fresh water he starts freaking out until I stop then relaxes again. So now I take him out when I pour fresh water in.
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    just adopted a russian tortoise 2 days ago

    The tort tables that I've come across online from the UK don't ship to the US. I emailed them and asked numerous sites. If you find one that does please let me know :)
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    Newbie with injured tortoise

    Poor thing :( Welcome
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    Greetings From Los Angeles a tl:dr Introduction

    Yeah, I bought him some dried shrimp, meal worms, krill, crickets. I just got him some aquamax. He LOVES those. He's not sure about the meal worms or crickets. I tease him with it he'll get annoyed and take a chomp which is fun since he likes fighting. The vet said to give him a little bit of...
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    Greetings From Los Angeles a tl:dr Introduction

    His tank before Here's his jaw before the vet The first time he had veggies and a little bit of greens with banana After he got his jaw trimmed His tank with new substrate and decor His water area where he wades most of the day and him profiling looking like he's...
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    Greetings From Los Angeles a tl:dr Introduction

    Thanks, I have that one saved in my favorites. My pics didn't work is there any way I can edit it?
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    Greetings From Los Angeles a tl:dr Introduction

    I've been lurking a while reading info for weeks and thought I should introduce myself and my turtle. I don't really know where to start. I guess I'll tell you his story. Little Shell is my boyfriend's 24 year old (probably older) male Chinese Box Turtle AKA Yellow-margined box turtle (Cuora...