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  1. grumpytort


    my little Tort is 3/4 years old now, any idea if he/she’s a boy or girl?! not sure if he’s still to young to tell.
  2. grumpytort

    poorly russian :-(

    Just come on the forum for a bit of advice. Had my russian for almost a year, he's my first tortoise. He's housed in a vivarium with coco coir and orchid bark which is sprayed with water to keep the humidity at about 70%. Basking temp is 33C. Warm end is roughly 31C and cool end 23C. I let him...
  3. grumpytort

    growth lines or shell rot?

    Hi, In the past week or so i’ve noticed a few marks on my yearling russians shell. Not sure if you can see them in these photos but the lines between his scutes are also lighter than they have been before. I thought it was just growing lines but wanted to post on here as he’s my first tortoise...
  4. grumpytort

    clear urine, normal?!

    my horsfield tort secreted clear urine today, along with the normal white urates. Is this normal? He may have been doing it for a while but I haven’t realised because he normal does his business whilst soaking so can only see the white urates. He wees and poops everyday now so I wasn’t worried...
  5. grumpytort

    horsefield age and sex?

    Hi guys, I've had Tort for over a month now and everything is going great, since moving him into his more appropriate home of a viv :) I was told he was a year old when i got him (no hatch date though), he weighed 57g on 24/10 and now weighs 64g, i presume any weight gain is good, as long as he...
  6. grumpytort

    russian yearling, table or vivarium?

    Hi, I have a yearling russian (called Tort) who i’ve had for 3 weeks now, he’s in a 4 x 2 ft tortoise table with a 125W UVB lamp. Attached is a photo of his current set up. This is my first tortoise and i thought i did lots of research before bringing him home but have realised i think his set...
  7. grumpytort

    new blanket!!

    couldn’t not share this picture of tort and his new blanket which was knitted for him by my 89 year old nan.. how cute
  8. grumpytort

    humidity? humid hide?

    Hi again, I've got a one year old russian tort, i've had him 3 weeks, he's living in an open top table (4 x 2 ft). I was understanding that tortoise tables were best for these tortoises but after some reading on here i'm worried i've made a mistake. Should the table have a cover on it, if so...
  9. grumpytort

    new horsfield tortoise owner!

    Hi there, I'm a first-time owner of a one year old horsfield tortoise, called tort :tort: Tort is living in a 4ft x 2ft tortoise table with a UVB lamp which is on from 8 am to 7 pm. The temperature under the light is around 34 C and 21 C in the cool end of his table. He also has a heat mat in...