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  1. Korall

    New two tub enclosure finally done! Looking for feedback.

    I had that problem too, the most you can do is to use some tape on the area you are drilling on, be careful and hope for the best.
  2. Korall

    New two tub enclosure finally done! Looking for feedback.

    Thanks! The tunnel is just wood, not treated but I make sure to keep it dry. The enclosed is kind of heavy due to all the substrate in it so my dad and I had to reinforce the table due to it sagging a bit but other than that there have been no problems with it (Except that its quite messy now...
  3. Korall

    (found tortoise)Help!

    The two most important thing right now is to keep the tortoise warm and hydrated.
  4. Korall

    Hatchling Albino Softshells!!

    They look so funny with the noses :P
  5. Korall

    Found Tortoise in Urban San Francisco

    Definitely someone's pet, and it seems like it has been cared for well too.
  6. Korall

    hurricane Irma

    This is scary... Hope everyone is ok. The weather in Florida is just insane.
  7. Korall

    Housing multiple turtles/tortoises together.

    Different species can make each other sick if they are kept together, so it should be avoided at all costs. I would not recommend keeping multiple tortoises together even if they are the same species although if you choose to keep those together be prepared to separate them at any time.
  8. Korall

    Nose bubbles but otherwise fine

    Does bubbles come out of his nose at any time or is it just when he is soaking or drinking? Is his food moist so that he could get water in his nose or mouth? Bubbles coming out of their nostrils when drinking or ingesting a lot of water is normal. Fluid buildup in the lungs caused by sickness...
  9. Korall

    Box turtle

    You should also read this: It contains everything from housing to diet. If you have any questions after that just ask around on the forum.
  10. Korall

    Box turtle

    Though I do not own a box turtle I can still give you some advice. Box turtle like humidity, therefore it is recommended that your enclosure is not open topped. What kind of substrate are you using? How warm is the enclosure at the basking spot, warm side, cool side and during the night...
  11. Korall


    What kind of lights are you talking about? UV or heat? What brand? And what kind of tortoise do you have?
  12. Korall

    2 juvenile redfoot - no interest in enclosure water tray

    The enclosure seems rather small for the two of them, they should also have more hides. I do not know if the water under the enclosure works but it's almost impossible to maintain humidity in an open topped enclosure.
  13. Korall

    New two tub enclosure finally done! Looking for feedback.

    I hope so too, otherwise il just have to put something on the inside too, maybe a little fence.
  14. Korall

    New two tub enclosure finally done! Looking for feedback.

    Yeah, I might put some moss and/or bark in the tunnel. Probably not any dirt though as the tunnel can't handle too much moisture.
  15. Korall

    New two tub enclosure finally done! Looking for feedback.

    I think I've found a problem with it... He can see his reflection in the walls and I think he is trying to attack his reflection :/ The problem is that the reflection is on the inside of the enclosure so the material on the outside doesn't help.
  16. Korall

    Red-footed torts in Hong Kong

    You should probably read this as it is your first tortoise:
  17. Korall

    Red-footed torts in Hong Kong

    The redfoots typically like humid and warm environments. Tortoises should not be kept in pairs as they are solitary animals and often fight or similar with each other.
  18. Korall

    Hermann's tortoise lighting.

    You should also read this:
  19. Korall

    Hermann's tortoise lighting.

    Coconut coir works well I've heard, just don't get the zoo med tortoise house. It's expensive and not suited for most tortoises. It's quite easy to make an enclosure for a baby, as they don't require as much space as older ones. The thing about tortoises is that they require a lot of space...