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  1. SPILL

    Pyxis wanted

    I'm looking to add eight P.a.a. Will take individuals or groups. If you are a breeder with none available but keeping a waitlist please let me know how to be added to your list. Thank you.
  2. SPILL

    Do people think you’re weird for owning tortoise/turtles

    That could never be me. I might be the only Midwesterner under 80 that refuses to leave the house in the snow . If we get even a dusting everyone knows I won't be at work. If we have more than an inch in the forecast I'm running to the store and stocking the pantry like a Cold War era bomb shelter.
  3. SPILL

    Do people think you’re weird for owning tortoise/turtles

    I tell my wife that one of these days some young kid is going to record me and make crazy old man videos for YouTube.
  4. SPILL

    Do people think you’re weird for owning tortoise/turtles

    When you get to the point in life that you're standing in the yard wearing sleep clothes, collecting dandelions and clipping the grass with scissors, you're beyond worrying about what others think.
  5. SPILL

    Food advice- opuntia

    I made a purchase from that came with a free sample of cactus powder. The one tortoise I had that wouldn't eat cactus pads started to after dusting his food with the powder for a couple of weeks.
  6. SPILL

    Bad jokes

    One of my dairy cows tried to escape by hopping the barbed wire fence. It was an udder disaster.
  7. SPILL

    Bad jokes

    Two guys walk into a bar. You'd think the second one would've ducked. I used to date a girl with a lazy eye but we broke up. Turns out she was seeing someone else the whole time. Two radio antennas got married. The wedding was just ok but the reception was phenomenal. I used to hate facial...
  8. SPILL

    What I Fed My Tortoise Today...

    Today was endive, escarole, radicchio, yam leaf, moringa drumsticks, ong choy, and tong ho with dried echinacea and alfalfa.
  9. SPILL

    Which tortoise is best?

    True. My first tortoises were a sulcata and a leopard. Small to medium work better for me.
  10. SPILL

    Which tortoise is best?

    Every species is cool in their own way so I can't say a best. Unique setups, does well in groups, manageable size, mid-range price, and ease of care makes Pancakes my most underrated.
  11. SPILL

    What I Fed My Tortoise Today...

    Today's base was sedum, gongura, narrow leaf plantain, broadleaf plantain, dandelion greens, rose of sharon leaves and flowers, petunias, and white clover topped with Tortoise Supply's herbal hay. Fescue and African variegated grasses were added for stars and pancakes. Red pear, prickly pear...
  12. SPILL

    What I Fed My Tortoise Today...

    I started with a base of gongura, narrow leaf plantain, broadleaf plantain, begonias, hibiscus, pumpkin and sweet potato leaves with dried moringa and stinging nettles. Okra, couch grass, and oat grass were added for the pancakes and stars. Ground up raw papaya, white mushrooms, okra and yam...
  13. SPILL

    Anyone feed cockscomb?

    Tortoise table lists as a do not feed due to oxalates and saponins. It seems that many people feed plants with oxalates and there seems to be doubt as to the harmfulness of saponins to tortoises. According to wikipedia some saponins can aid in animal digestion and enhance nutrient absorption...
  14. SPILL


    I'd hate to see tortoises go the way of the bearded dragon or various geckos where it seems like with all the fancy morphs you just don't see many normals.
  15. SPILL

    ID? Edible?

    Thank you.
  16. SPILL

    ID? Edible?

  17. SPILL

    Need help with food

    I don't have redfoots but do feed strawberry leaves occasionally and melon and pumpkin whole vines frequently.
  18. SPILL

    My new favorite turtle.

  19. SPILL

    Ethical Dilemma Question

    That is going above and beyond. Hopefully your buyer appreciates what a generous gesture this is.