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  1. Snorkelshark

    Built an outdoor run/habitat/play area

    ive learned so much on this forum already! Started an outdoor play yard for our next baby 2x12x12 lumber It’s 12x6’ Hinged top Was wondering what I should use for the top itself. I have screen, bird netting, rabbit wire etc. I want to make sure predators can’t get into it if I need to...
  2. Snorkelshark

    Arizona Tortoise Compound

    Has anyone done business with Andrew at Arizona tortoise compound? I spoke with him and he seemed knowledgeable and kind. Just wanted to ask the experts as well (because my last purchase came from a place that seemed great but I later heard compleeely otherwise, and experienced otherwise as well)
  3. Snorkelshark

    Advice needed. I feel like a failure.

    I’m going to keep this as short as possible and I am open to all responses and suggestions. I fell in love with sulcatas when I lived in Hawaii. I refused to own one until I had properly researched, considered and thought about long term impacts (I grew up with parrots so I already understood...