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  1. Hustler

    Got a couple ponds set up for the DBTs :)

    Its been an up hill battle getting these buggers up and running with the minus 30 weather 3 feet of snow and solid play ground sand, everything frozen shut in the moves with the tubs but they are in and happy as clams now :) 180 gallon tubs with FX5s and titanium heaters and power sun lamps...
  2. Hustler

    I need ID's on these DBT's Please :)

    Ive picked up a couple adult groups over the last little while and i have a few that have me stumped as far as ID goes? Ive received a few different opinions but cant seem to make anything concrete and I would really like to pair them up properly. This guy was sold to me as a patternless male...
  3. Hustler

    My Diamondbacks :) And looking for tips

    I finally took the plunge and got back into diamondbacks :) I havent had one for years and ive been avoiding water turtles for ages just sticking to my tortoise projects but i decided to sell my last asian arowana and had a monster aquarium to spare.... and I lucked out :) Ive been collecting...
  4. Hustler

    Finally got her a new enclosure :)

    Ive been working on the final touches for a week and I finally got her in there. Not one minute in the new space and right to the food dish :) its a 9' by 4.5' by 18" oilfield spill tray, we use them in the field for out of ground gas and oil tanks so i ordered one extra to see how it...
  5. Hustler

    Albino Rad.....

    Shared from tom crutchfields facebook All i can say is WOW
  6. Hustler

    Update on my Reds N Cherries

    Everyone has been enjoying the weed season :) we had a brutal winter this year so i spent most of it expanding enclosures and trying new nest boxes. I sure am envious of you guys in the south :) its a ton of work keeping up with them indoors, they have taken over the better part of my house now...
  7. Hustler

    An Update on my Canuk Rad :)

    She is growing very well, Loving the weed season and getting out for some rays. I got lucky she LOVES grass
  8. Hustler

    Size progress, RES morphs and other tips from the pros?

    So you guys lucky enough to own carmels and other amazing res, what are you feeding them to get 6 inch turtles in 2-3 years? how big are the tanks, vitamins, even uvb types? I want to know how you guys are making such progress without the dreaded shell curl? Also for you guys/gals with albinos...
  9. Hustler

    A pic i had to share on size :)

    I just took this for size reference to send to a lady looking to buy a hatchling. They should have stuff like this up at pet stores so people get the jist of the purchase they are about to make.
  10. Hustler

    Massive redfoots? Like....Giants???

    Is this really possible? are there redfoots that can get this size and if so are there any in captivity? If you scroll down it says redfoot.... Wow
  11. Hustler

    Wheat grass and Pulp from the Juicer regular ok?

    Do you guys feed wheat grass often? or feed the pulp from a juicer often? I started buying all my green leaf and fruits in bulk so Im not feeling bad stealing food from the tortoise fridge every morning....Now im wondering if its safe to toss the leftovers in there enclosures while i drink my...
  12. Hustler

    Sri Lankans, age and breeding ?s

    Here is my little group now ranging from 4 inches up to about 6.5 inches. I have 2 males and 4 females and I was told that some of them are sri lankan but from what ive gathered the only true test is when they outgrow everyone else? Also what is the average breeding size and age for stars? The...
  13. Hustler

    update on my spiders

    Well they have settled in very well and aren't shy :) they do spend a ton of time hiding but they seem to come out and eat when i make a good disturbance cleaning or mist them down and every once in a while you can catch one at the water dish. Im thinking of downsizing there enclosure? they are...
  14. Hustler

    My Rad having a snack :)

    Heres shelly enjoying some cactus....Its by far her favorite food and with a few good connections I hope to bring it in and stockpile as much as possible.... She is some kind of heavy compared to other species, Like a bowling ball. 3 feet of snow here and Im cutting up cactus :)
  15. Hustler

    Redfoot egg candling and guesses

    I was just going through the new incubator checking my eggs and Ive got a couple that are being strange... Thought i would see if anyone can help explain? I dont wash my eggs so they are always filthy :) this one is 1 month old, grown a bit and the air pocket is on the side? This one is...
  16. Hustler

    Im building a wine cooler Incubator, need advice

    So I kind of stole the wifes wine cooler about the size of a beer fridge but it has a glass door :) I have a ton of 11" flexwatt tape, a few silent computer fans and a BAH-1000DC Thermostat, heat/humidity guages and some time.... Any advice on how to set it up for optimum performance or...
  17. Hustler

    Mazuri crocodile chow

    I have been feeding Mazuri tortoise food for a long time now on a 50/50 with fresh fruits and veggies with either chicken, eggs or catfood as a weekly protein and this seems to work just fine but..... I have been toying with the idea to switch over to crocodile chow as it was meant for at the...
  18. Hustler

    My Spider tortoises :)

    Here is my pair of spider tortoises. around 4-5 years old raised from hatchlings by a friend of mine who is retiring from torts......Score :) Im having a hard time with the sub species ID and good indoor requirements other than how they have been raised thus far as info is scarce at best so any...
  19. Hustler

    5x3 Racks....

    I have build a few 5 foot by 3 foot enclosures are a few racks ive done, Its all plywood and corigataed plastic with a plexiglass front :) Stars and Spiders, Radiated, Leo and cherries,
  20. Hustler

    My big cherry clan :)

    I managed to scoop a group of captive bred cherry heads Ive been waiting years for and the previous owner finally gave in ;) They have been laying for 2 seasons now so fingers crossed its my turn this year.