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  1. Crush da Baum

    Anyone know of organic lawn companies in Florida?

    I am looking for a organic lawn company that can fertilize and insecticides ect. Anyone know of any good ones?
  2. Crush da Baum

    Any keepers in Florida?

    Does anyone in Florida keep Russian tortoises? Preferably someone with a good setup and already prepared to care for them. I have two full grown Russians, one male and one female. I am willing to drive to you and there will be no rehoming fee. Reply if interested.
  3. Crush da Baum

    Two Russian Tortoises

    Hey guys, it makes me sad to post this but I think I might have to give up me two lovely torts. It has become very impractical for me and with high school and sports and I think they might be happier somewhere else. I have two Russian tortoises, one male and one female. They have been fed weeds...
  4. Crush da Baum

    Uvb Fixture

    Are normal fixtures from hardware stores ok to use with a UVB bulb?
  5. Crush da Baum

    Too cold in Florida?

    I live in Tampa Florida and it has been getting pretty cold. What temps do you think is fine for night time for two full grown Russians with no heating. Any people in Florida, I would love to hear what you guys do for winter.
  6. Crush da Baum

    Foul Odor?

    I recently introduced my two Russian to a nice outdoor enclosure about a month ago. They have been doing fine and are very active but they have this very weird smell. It’s not like a poop smell or really anything I have experienced. It’s very hard to explain. It is strongest near their head and...
  7. Crush da Baum

    Adequate shade?

    Ya’ll think this would be good? It is overcast right now so it will get a bit brighter. The sun is brutal here.
  8. Crush da Baum


    Any thoughts on making deep shade for some outside enclosures? I was thinking about using shade cloth. If I did, should I hang it off the ground or just lay it on top of the enclosure?
  9. Crush da Baum

    Hail in Florida?

    I was at the grocery store when I got a severe weather warning. My two torts were outside in their outdoor enclosures and when I got home it was hailing. And very cold? I brought them inside immediately but they were outside for about 30 mins. Has anyone else had this such peculiar weather? Hail...
  10. Crush da Baum

    Too many questions!

    I am up in Georgia right now for vacation and was wondering if anyone knows if any of these plants are edible for torts. I took a lot. Also, are blueberry leaves okay. We have some pretty cool wild blueberry bushes that taste awesome. Here are the pics. Thanks!
  11. Crush da Baum

    Vets in Florida

    Hey does anyone know any vets near Brooksville/ Spring Hill. I called some from @Josh list but none of the ones near me picked up besides one who said they do not accept reptiles.
  12. Crush da Baum

    Dehydration, No water bowl?

    I was watching this dude on YouTube who keeps tortoises and he said he doesn’t have a water bowl in his enclosure but he soaks his torts for about an hour or two every day. Would they become dehydrated or would they be fine? I think they were full grown Russians by the way. Just curious.
  13. Crush da Baum

    Eating Dirt

    One of my Russians has a taste for dirt. Every time I take him out to his outdoor enclosure, all he wants to do is eat dirt. He has a varied diet and I supplement him with miner-all so I do not know how he would have a mineral deficiency. Any ideas. I tried putting mulch down but he just digs it...
  14. Crush da Baum

    Vacationing with tortoises?

    I have a little bit of a predicament. I am going to Georgia for a week and a half and I do not know what to do with my torts. I do know someone who lives near me who can come to feed them but can only stay for a short amount of time and can not give them soaks. My torts just got moved to an...
  15. Crush da Baum

    Name? (again)

    Hey, how do you guys like the Swell Shell supplies. I will have a cute little turtle for a logo.
  16. Crush da Baum

    Fat with skinny neck?

    One of my friends has a tort who is very puffy but has a skinny neck. It is very obvious that he is overweight and in now on a diet. He was fat when my friend got him. Does anyone know why this happens?
  17. Crush da Baum

    OD on Miner-All?

    I have seen some other people let their torts self administer calcium and I wonder if that would work for Miner-All. One my torts Just likes to eat everything so I am afraid he will eat too much. I decided not to do it just to be safe, but I am still curious if tortoises can overdose on...
  18. Crush da Baum

    Many, Many Questions (sorry)

    Recently my outdoor enclosure (more of just a play pen I take my torts out to get some sunshine) was destroyed. A big tree fell over on top of it and broke everything. The good thing though is when rebuilding it I decided to make it a permanent enclosure for them to live in. I have never done...
  19. Crush da Baum


    Lately I have been trying to start a business to sell turtle supplies. I was originally going to name it the Turtle Journal but I got a email from the state that this name was taken. I am at a loss for names and was wondering if anyone had any ideas?
  20. Crush da Baum

    Keeping Mulberry leaves fresh?

    Does anyone know anyways to keep leaves fresh while shipping. I am running into a problem there.