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  1. AlexandrosP


    Hello there, I have a Hibiscus plant but the issue that i am having with it is that i get some black and white parasites on it. Can someone help me come up with a solution to get rid of them but at the same time keep the leaves and flowers edible for my tortoises?
  2. AlexandrosP

    Leopard Tortoise Sick?

    Hello,i have this little beauty in her indoor enclosure over winter. It has uvb/uva light a heating lamp 24hr water bowl and her diet is mostly wild herbs/flowers and abit of grocery store edible vegs. I've noticed these sounds and i wanted another opinion on this. Might this be a respiratory...
  3. AlexandrosP

    Just a quick question

    Sooo i have these 2 Greek tortoises who are about 5-6 yrs old. This year i've made an outdoor enclosure for them but i want to leave them outdoors all year round. I live in Cyprus and At the moment 23 October 2019 it's 28 Celsius (82 Fahrenheit) daytime And 19 Celsius (66 Fahrenheit) Nighttime...
  4. AlexandrosP

    Can someone help me out?? Which subspecies do i have?

    I am really confused about which subspecies i own can someone help me out please??
  5. AlexandrosP

    Is this Edible??

    Hello i have many of these weeds in my backyard and i am wondering if they are edible for my greek tortoises and what is their name.
  6. AlexandrosP

    Outdoor Tortoise Enlcosure ;)

    Just made this 184x88 Outdoor Enclosure for my two beauties =]