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  1. RabbitSide

    Desert Tortoises + Sulcatas: Free to capable and responsible owners

    Hi, we live in Slab City, California. We took on two Desert Tortoises a while back as a "mated pair". We quickly separated the male from the female but it was too late and she had babies. She then had babies again the next year. Hopefully after this year it'll slow down/stop. As a result, we...
  2. RabbitSide

    Orange County, emergency adoption of Desert Tortoise

    I’m on the r/tortoise subreddit on Reddit and someone has just posted this about a Desert Tortoise in bad need of rescue. Need help re-homing an abused desert tortoise; please read Recently my brother became homeless and was no longer able to care for his desert tortoise. My brother did a lot...
  3. RabbitSide

    New to forum, thanks for having us!

    We live in an off-grid squatter community here in the California desert called Slab City. We rescue chickens and ducks and any other animals that can use a hand out here and this includes tortoises! I'm happy to be able to add this forum as a tool for advice and care information, but also to be...