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  1. dannylozano10

    1 healthy Russian for sale!

    Ok guys so I am sad to say this but I am having to sell my Russian tortoise for family health reasons:( he is for$150 plus overnight shipping including(light fixture,food,water bowl,temp gun cactus,calcium,thermometer,gram scale,light timer,peat moss)will ship only in the U.S. He is 254 grams...
  2. dannylozano10

    Plant/bug problem!!!!!

    Hey guys I'm really curious on how to keep any little bug off of my plants for my tortoise they are just eating the plants I planted and aren't growing because of that reason I've bought more seeds because my last plants got eaten by the bugs and the same is happening with these can someone give...
  3. dannylozano10

    Bug problem!!help!

    Hello guys and gals I have seen in my tortoises substrate little bugs too small for the camera kinda like white mites well I think they are and I was wondering what should I do to kill all of them?(there's a lot of them)They are all in the water bowl and around it they are grey and some are...
  4. dannylozano10

    Lizard questions!!!

    Ok so I have been thinking lately about getting a bearded dragon!!of course later on when I know everything about them!!!...I will for sure end up getting one of those cuties!!! So where can you buy them? How much do they sell for? Where are the caresheets for them? What is the best...
  5. dannylozano10

    Is there a law?

    Hey TFO members! Ok so I know I'm still young and all but I was wondering like is there a law for how many tortoises you can have? Or is there like a license that you have to get to have a certain number of tortoises?
  6. dannylozano10

    My tortoise from tom!!

    Hey guys I finally got my first tortoise today from @Tom !!! Here are some pics: Literally loads of food!!!
  7. dannylozano10

    Help! With my dogs food problem!

    Hey all I am worried about my dog's (Bella) food eating issue btw she is a daschund...ok so we found her about a year ago maybe 2 years ago and she would never eat dog food. she would only eat human food so I need help how do I make her eat dog food again? She will eat wet food but no dry food...
  8. dannylozano10

    Spring break...

    Hey guys I haven't post in a while but with spring break next week what will most of y'all be doing? I'm going to the coast! And my grandparents ranch! And with my tortoise finally coming next week gonna have its enclosures finished!
  9. dannylozano10

    Where are my musicians?

    Hey guys I have always wondered if there were a lot of musicians on TFO... So who are my musicians? I play the trumpet mellophone and French horn I'm in marching band concert band and jazz band :)
  10. dannylozano10

    What's the safest...

    Hey guys I really didn't know where to put this post but I have a fridge im going to use for the hibernating process but I have a couple questions as always lol.(sorry) :( 1.ok so it's dirty on the inside so I wanna clean it what's the best/safest stuff to use? 2.the mini fridge has a little...
  11. dannylozano10

    Should I get these...

    Hey guys I know I ask a lot of questions but I just want to make sure before buying any thing.but basically I'm trying to ask are all these plant seeds ok to grow for my tortoise I'm getting hibiscus plant seeds: Alfalfa grass seeds(for enclosure): Elephant grass seeds(Pennisetum purpureum:
  12. dannylozano10

    Can you answer a question I have?

    Hey guys I've always had a couple of questions that I haven't gotten clear yet even if they have been answered anyways I will make a list and feel free to answer any you may know.thanks much appreciated.oh and sorry for sounding like I don't know anything there just questions I've always wanted...
  13. dannylozano10

    Edible plant?

    Hey guys there is this plant growing everywhere and I was wanting to know if it was safe??? I think it's clover
  14. dannylozano10

    Cool time lapse...

    I recorded a time lapse of my aunts tort munching on some spring mix greens.
  15. dannylozano10

    Anyone from my area? (San Antonio)

    Hey all I'm really curious is there any members from San Antonio?? I keep think there isn't not one tortoise owner besides my aunt that's in my area.
  16. dannylozano10

    What's your opinion on...

    Hey guys what is the difference between the regular cuttle bone than the cactus calcium block? Just wondering because I might order one
  17. dannylozano10

    Right orchid bark???

    Hey guys is this the right orchid bark?? Is it also safe to use?
  18. dannylozano10

    Outdoor enclosure question...

    Hey all I am getting a Russian tort next month and I am preparing my outdoor enclosure already but I'm kinda stuck I have no clue what I should put in there for a hide(and how many) and also what should I put for like a climbing thing for him/her? I am planning on putting terra Cotta saucers for...
  19. dannylozano10

    Progress of outdoor enclosure:)

    Ok so I had my grandparents help me build an outdoor enclosure and yep this is what we've made so far.we are pretty much done just need to put it together at my house lol. Here is where it will go. I will show the finished project when built.;)
  20. dannylozano10

    Settings question...

    Ok so is there a way to change my birthday and add more stuff? I've seen people have there Twitter/title How do I do that???