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  1. hollyandT

    Mixing substrates

    I like this method a lot :) I use it for my chicken coop except the litter is deep enough for the poop to biodegrade and I just add more I’ll only have to clean it out every 6 months or so :)
  2. hollyandT

    Mixing substrates

    Ah thank you! And yes I’ll have to have a browse around a garden centre or look around different places to see what I can find!
  3. hollyandT

    I’m not lurking anymore!

    Welcome! I’d love to see a pic of Bert(ha) :))
  4. hollyandT

    Mixing substrates

    So I’ve just made T a larger enclosure and to fill it I’ve got 6 bricks of coco and coir but it’s going to take a lot more which might be a little too pricey I thought I could maybe mix it with other things and I remember reading something about Timothy hay so I bought 2 bags of it and I’ve...
  5. hollyandT

    Doris Day RIP

    I know I just assume once people have hit 90 that they’re going to live forever, my great grandad is 91 and still working and I believe he’s a vampire because he looks great
  6. hollyandT

    Doris Day RIP

    Can’t believe at 97 years old she’s had such an amazing long life and hope I live that long! Only watched one of her movies - a touch of mink - and I loved it. I’m working my way through the silver screen era and I recon the next one I watch will be one of hers in honour of her life I guess :(...
  7. hollyandT

    My baby Angulate has hatched!

    How adorable!! Congratulations:)
  8. hollyandT

    My baby Angulate has hatched!

    Ooo could you make a thread and post updates pretty please? :))
  9. hollyandT


    Happy Easter ! Just about go into a chocolate coma
  10. hollyandT

    Introducing tortoise and dog

    Hmmm I suppose scent swapping could help if you have a rag or something to put in with your tortoise so the tortoises scent sticks to it and then putting the rag anywhere your dog can smell it then he should learn the scent and know of the torts presence and hopefully will make him less curious...
  11. hollyandT

    Introducing tortoise and dog

    I think it depends on the doggos personality from my experience. My dog when he was younger say 5-6 I had a hamster that would roll it’s ball into the wall and crack it open to which no one knew until the hamster went flying across the room because jacko(my dog) was playing with it:/ but as...
  12. hollyandT

    Tortstork "Insta-Hatch" Marokkensis Egg!

    Ah I see! He’s very beautiful !
  13. hollyandT

    Tortstork "Insta-Hatch" Marokkensis Egg!

    This is super cool! It’s also got me curious about how the hatching process works:) what is that dark liquid? Is it what’s left of the white part of the egg?
  14. hollyandT

    Are these eye drops any good?

    I’ve just purchased these eye drops as T has just opened his eye properly! His eye has a bit of discharge and the eye drops I already use are just drying his eye closed so I thought I’d try something else There’s not a lot of instruction which makes me a little anxious about using it
  15. hollyandT

    Brining home

    They’ll usually provide you with a box hun the tortoise will be fine :)
  16. hollyandT

    T and I say HELLOOO!:)

    So not sure if anyone will see this but just a little update T’s pirate eye opened tonight during his soak I couldn’t be happier! I’m sure this was not because of the medication as I refrained from using it due to its use by date but due to proper care advised by the forum so thank you all from...
  17. hollyandT

    Hibernation: Need Advice

    You don’t need to hibernate your tortoise really as long as you keep the temperatures high and keep your tortoise in its regular routine:)
  18. hollyandT

    Waking her up after hibernation

    The weather is being very bipolar:/ and She looks so snug with her little pal :)
  19. hollyandT

    Help please?! (closed eyes)

    Hi! Are these the medicated drops you got?
  20. hollyandT

    Anyone living in England?

    Hiya! I’m from East Yorkshire and I have a nearly 5 year old Russian called T :)