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    Interesting BBC video

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    Finding Articles Surrounding Tortoise Industry....

    Hello Everyone! I am taking a Speech class, and speaking about the malpractices in the tortoise industry. I am going to focus on the consumers point of view, and the point of view from “producers” with a focus on most tortoises being wild caught. From the consumer point of view, I want to...
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    Chinese Algae Eater

    So, I have had one of these guys in a 5 gallon tank and he is chilling. But I have done some reading that as they get older they become more omnivorous. I have no idea how to cater to this. What should I start feeding? And when?
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    So Starbucks (or at least the one I work at) does this really cool thing were we take the ground espresso and bag it for people's gardens. The espresso grounds are super fine and it looks almost like the coconut dirt (can you tell I'm bio major?) Would it be ok to mix in the espresso grounds...
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    Prickly Pear

    I finally bought prickly pear from a local store, but I have no idea how much I can feed my tort. "She" is a 9mo Russian if that helps any! As if right now she has one pad in there. Can I feed it to her once a week? 3 times a week? Just keep a pad in there all the time with her other food?
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    Little Bit

    Just a few pictures of my little baby [emoji813]️[emoji813]️[emoji813]️
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    Carol S

    I am not quite sure how to write a review, but I just wanted to say how thankful I am for how helpful Carol was! I now have a little day of Sunshine and I absolutely love her! My little Sunshine just eats like nothing else and loves to nap all day in her humid hide!!
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    Starting Over

    More than anything else, I want a tortoise. I did my research. And decided I wanted my baby to be a Russian. I got everything set up, I followed all the threads to a T for the enclosure. And I bought a tortoise from a pet store, where I figured, hey, people have luck, but some people don't. I...
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    Abby is throwing up

    So she was making loud noises and I went and checked on her and she was throwing up bubble, up through her mouth and nose. She hasn't eaten anything in like 3 weeks. It's 9pm idk where a vet would be open. Idk what to do..
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    My favorite pictures of Abby

    We are coming back inside from an hour of sunshine lol
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    So I got my baby outside.. is she getting uvb like this? (This is her outdoor enclosure! She lives inside!!!)
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    Handling Abby..?

    So I got Abbigale Louise on Friday (August 3), from a pet store. They told me she was captive bred and about 7 years old. I gave her a bath that night. Once I put her in her new home, she burrowed into the peat moss, and she hasn't really moved since. So she hasn't been eating anything.. When I...
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    Tortoise Table Size?

    I am looking into getting a Russian tort. And I was wondering if a 3.75ft by 4.89ft horse trough was big enough to set up a home for a Russian? (It will be 150 gallon)
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    Size of Tortoise Table

    I am looking into getting a Russian tort. And I was wondering if a 3.75ft by 4.89ft horse trough was big enough to set up a home for a Russian? (It will be 150 gallon)
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    Wanting to Buy/Adopt a Russian

    Hello, I am looking into adopting or buying a Russian tor tortoise. I am still doing research, but I want to have a general ball park estimate on how much I need to save to buy a tortoise. Also, during my research I have gotten a lot of mixed understandings on what is an appropriate substrate...