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  1. OzzyGirl1980

    The Tortoise and the....Cat!?

    Several times now, I've found my cat sleeping IN WITH my tortoise at night. I shooed her out of the enclosure though tort didn't seem to mind the kitty's presence. Is this something I should allow or could this arrangement be harmful to the tortoise!? So strange!?
  2. OzzyGirl1980

    Rescue Still Small

    As you know, I rescued a 4 year old female Sulcata around Halloween time last year. She was very underfed and raised very dry. She had pneumonia and a small bladder stone. We have nursed her back to health, however she is not having any huge jump in growth. After 6 months she's only gained...
  3. OzzyGirl1980


    Our adoptee, Chi, was diagnosed with pneumonia and dehydration about 2 weeks ago now and is doing very well after a course of antibiotics and routine soakings. My question now that it seems she's out of the woods health wise...what should we expect for her as an adult size wise....she was raised...
  4. OzzyGirl1980


    So the tort we adopted...Chi finally got in at our vet and she has pneumonia and bladder stones. Vet gave us injectable antibiotics to administer every 72 hours and I am soaking her daily. Her appetite is mostly good. I'm hopeful, but we shall see. I noticed after the first shot and now after...
  5. OzzyGirl1980


    We're adopting!!!! Told this is a 4 year old female Sulcata. Any input?
  6. OzzyGirl1980

    Where in the US???

    Do any breeders or rescues exist in this country? We have been searching for years. My husband owned his Chaco that I believe was imported in the 70s but we have been unable to locate any recently. Any leads appreciated!!!