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  1. Bébert81

    Kinixys spekii

    Dear all, I just bought a trio of K. spekii that I will receive in mid-April. So, I propose you to share my experience with this species. To begin, here is a picture of them: 2 males and 1 female with a good cohabitation. I will see if I have to take other females in the future. Did some of...
  2. Bébert81

    Looking for Kinixys belliana belliana, erosa and lobatsiana

    Hi all, I'm looking for : - Kinixys erosa, - Kinixys belliana belliana, - Kinixys lobatsiana. Tell me if you have some available or if you know some sellers, breeders,... I'm in France and I have legal and administrative authorizations to keep these species at home. Thank you, Adrien
  3. Bébert81

    Bebert81's Pelomedusidae

    Hi all, Will present you my turtles here. For now I just come from an expatriation in Tunisia so I conserved my Pelusios carinatus. As I live in South-West of France they can stay outdoor in Summer. I chose this 130x80x50cm Laguna Pond for my 2 subadults. It's a "low tech" one with just a...
  4. Bébert81

    Hi from France

    Hi all, My name is Adrien, I'm 26 and I am keeping turtles/tortoises since I'm 7. I started with a female Testudo graeca found in the neighbour of my grandparents. Now I'm living in Tunisia for my job, and have chance to participate in a project of conservation of Testudo graeca nabeulensis...