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  1. TestudoGeek

    Considering another THH?

    Ok, Got an email from the breeder I bought my THH from 8 months ago saying he's got more THH, about the same age as mine (around 10 months old). I'm having a hard time resisting a second, but do know the space requirement this implies since they should not be housed together when fully grown...
  2. TestudoGeek

    Testudo ID. Greek?

    I got a question on a local board to ID this tort. I'm guessing Greek... am I right? If so, what subspecies? Thanks, T.
  3. TestudoGeek

    Mediterranean Tortoise Indoor Starter Kit

    Been thinking about starting a thread on this for a while, but I keep lacking the time. Se here's what I propose: I'll started it of, and then you all can add to what's been written. Maybe we could even start an Indoor Starter Kit threat in each of the individual species-specific sub forums.
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    After doing a bit of browsing through the French forum, it came to my attention that everyone uses the term Eurotestudo when referring to Hermann tortoises instead of the Testudo Hermanni used here (and at other English-speaking forums). Does anyone know why the French use Eurotestudo...
  5. TestudoGeek

    Testudo trip to Sardinia Island, Italy

    Ok, so this it the second link to the french forum I found last night, but trust me it's worth it. The same guy whose massive indoor enclosure I've posted a link to went on an "ecological run" to the italian island of Sardinia. The result can be seen here. Tons of pics of what the...
  6. TestudoGeek

    Massive Indoor Hermann Enclosure

    It's in french, but has tons of pics, form how to build it to the final result: Link here.
  7. TestudoGeek

    A rangewide phylogeography of Hermann’s tortoise

    Found this today: And discovered that Hermanni's once roamed Portuguese scrubland: "While Balearic populations are thought to have been introduced 3000 years ago, other isolated populations in the western...
  8. TestudoGeek

    8 month old THH

    Morning ritual: a) Bathed b) Dried c) Inspected d) Fed
  9. TestudoGeek

    W. Hermann baby - Then and Now pics

    This is the day the tort arrived, on 05 October 2007, at 2 months, 30g and 5cm (1.95") This morning, 12 March 2008, at 8 1/2 months, 72g and 7cm (2.7")
  10. TestudoGeek

    These are Western, right?

    Ok, I've definately got to stop visiting my "local breeder"'s website, because I keep having all these evil thoughts that will eventually earn me a divorce! lol And now for the old question: are these guys THH? He has 2 groups for sale. One is labelled TESTUDO HERMANNI...
  11. TestudoGeek


    Transplanting wild weeds into pots is a great way to stock tort food. But the last time I did this, I must have picked a "contaminated" weed, that is now crawling with white little buggers that are quickly taking over my enclosure..... What can I do that's lethal but organic?! Here ara...
  12. TestudoGeek

    Zoo-Med Grassland Tortoise Foods

    Been meaning to ask about this for a while, but forgot about it. I know there was a recall on this, but I've read some good reviews. Has anyone tried it?
  13. TestudoGeek

    TerraSun UV Plus PRO Reflector 100 watts

    Has anyone tried these Mercury Vapor Bulbs from EuroZoo? I have a chance to get the 100W for next to nothing, but have never heard of them... their site states: "Suitable for medium to larger terrariums with UV-requiring species like Bearded dragons, certain species tortoises and monitors...
  14. TestudoGeek

    Travelling with Tortoises

    I'll be going up to my inlaws this weekend (4 days) and was wondering if I should take the tort with us, or leave it home and have a friend come and feed it on Sunday. It's a 3 hour drive to their farm up north, so I'm wondering if it's worth it. I've left the tort home on 2 day weekends...
  15. TestudoGeek

    Mazuri Tortoise Diet

    Has anyone had any experience with Mazuri? Is anyone using it? What are your thoughts on it? Is it recommended as a supplement rather than a full diet program? How is it for Hermann's? Where can European Folk buy it? I read about it last week, and was wondering if it would be worth buying.
  16. TestudoGeek

    European TESTUDO KLEINMANNI breeder?

    Just curious: does anyone know of an European TESTUDO KLEINMANNI (Egyptian Tortoise) breeder? Not that I have room for another tort right now, but was wondering if there were any breeders around here because these are one of my favourite torts. This is a very protected species in Europe...
  17. TestudoGeek

    Jackson Ratio for Hatchling Tortoises

    Are any of you familiar with this Ratio for Hatchling Tortoise growth? I've been monitoring my hermann's size & weight and comparing it to this chart, and it matches like clockwork. Here´s the "formula": And here's the Data on my Testudo Hermanni Hermanni: 06 Nov 07 > 16 weeks old >...
  18. TestudoGeek

    UVB Levels for Hermanns

    I ralize alot of people are using the "new" mercury Vapor Lamps (MVL) like the T-Rex, but for the rest of us still using compacts or long tube UVB lamps, what would be the right UVB output (I'm specially wondering on the levels for a THH hatchling)? I currently use an Exo-Terra 13W (They have...
  19. TestudoGeek

    Organic Soil

    I've been having a hard time finding unfertilized soil for sale. The best I've found is "organicaly fertilized earth"... Can I go to my local woods and dig some out? Is that safe, or would it contain to much bacteria, etc...? I'm using Coconut Husk as a substrate, but was willing to add...
  20. TestudoGeek

    Micro Climate Humidity Booster

    For those seeking to boost the humidity inside your redfoot enclosures, this might be a cheap & easy way to do it: