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  1. jlyoncc1

    Confirmation of ID please

    Not going to hibernate him. He will be bringing him to me. More or less wondering if you guys agree in my thinking that it is a wood turtle. He said the wounds are healed. So I just have to set up an enclosure which is no biggie and have it ready. He just found it today so I don't know how...
  2. jlyoncc1

    Confirmation of ID please

    A friend of mine lives in Buffalo, NY. Sent me these pics asking if the turtles should be hibernating already. My boxies are but this poor thing is missing both front legs and its tail. He figures racoons got to it. I think it is a wood turtle. Opinions? Suggestions?
  3. jlyoncc1

    My first earthquake!

    haha I will happily take the little quake that we got. And Jacqui, I have to say that it was kinda cool to experience it.
  4. jlyoncc1

    My first earthquake!

    Maggie, I will stick with our little bit of a sway!!!
  5. jlyoncc1

    My first earthquake!

    I thought my washing machine was out of balance at first causing vibration. My hoosier cabinet in the kitchen was really shaking then when I stood up, I realized the whole house was actually swaying. It was crazy....made for an exciting day I guess! LOL
  6. jlyoncc1

    My first earthquake!

    Just had an earthquake in Mineral, VA. A 6.2. I live in New Jersey and my house was shaking and swaying! Not used to that stuff on the east coast. I was quite confused for a few seconds as to what was going on!
  7. jlyoncc1

    August 18th birthdays

    Haha Jacqui! I hope she.....for some reason I refer to them as all he's!
  8. jlyoncc1

    August 18th birthdays

    Jacqui, Glad to hear the boys are doing well. My little squirt is huge!!!! He is probably 4x the size since I got him from Robin!
  9. jlyoncc1

    August 18th birthdays

    Well Yvonne, super busy year. Traveling to colleges with our daughter checking out schools and soccer teams. She will be attending West Virginia University and playing for their soccer team. Super cool! They are a Division 1 Big East school so she is very excited to have reached that goal...
  10. jlyoncc1

    August 18th birthdays

    Thanks everyone. Even though I don't have time to post much any more, I still lurk around and read whats going on! Thanks for thinking of me!
  11. jlyoncc1

    January 4th birthdays

    Happy Birthday!!!
  12. jlyoncc1

    Another rescue

    Poor lumpy fella....glad someone will give him the right care now!
  13. jlyoncc1

    What a way to end one and start another - year!

    Lucky Duck! Can't wait to see more pics Terry!
  14. jlyoncc1

    little Radia

    STUNNING! Wish they were not so expensive!!!!
  15. jlyoncc1

    happy halloween!!!

    Very cute!!!
  16. jlyoncc1

    Lost my dad sat am...

    I am sorry to hear about your dad. Sending my thoughts and prayers...
  17. jlyoncc1

    COLD weather and SULLIES

    Where are you located? What are your night time/day time temps?
  18. jlyoncc1

    OMG!!! Found 3 baby greeks in my tort shed today!!!

    How exciting! I keep waiting for eggs to hatch, but I am still waiting. Lucky you!
  19. jlyoncc1

    6 year old PA Sulcata going up for adoption

    Where are you located in PA?
  20. jlyoncc1

    Lost Sulcata New Jersey

    GOOD NEWS! The sulcata was found by someone who then saw her signs on Friday and returned him safe and sound! Nice happy ending!